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2011.11.12 Quality Development Report

Quality expansion and confidence enhancement ———— Civil Department is promoted to the "Quality Development Training for Professionals" quarterfinals

On November 12th, students from the Department of Civil Engineering participated in the second round of the 6th College Student Career Planning Festival-"Quality Outreach Training for Workplace Talents", which was organized by the college students' career development in the cultural square of the North District. The well-known teamwork trainer, Deng Chuanlai, who is expected to be a training institution, will personally attend and guide the participants in teamwork and workplace quality exercises.

First, Mr. Deng divided the students into six teams and introduced us to what is the content of team, team spirit and quality development training, as well as the basic requirements and rules. Then we entered formal quality development training. Teacher Deng tested the temporary formation of our site through game sessions such as "self introduction", "team formation", "unlock company", "joint effort, standing back to back", and "drilling hula hoop". At the same time, in the process, Mr. Deng explained to us the industry sentiments such as honesty and trustworthiness, dedication, brainstorming, don't take the risk, don't hinder, and support each other in the teamwork in the future workplace, and emphasize the importance of teamwork in today's society.

Of course, as a competition, each group represents the results obtained by the group in the form of points. The first team and the fourth team, captained by civil engineering students, scored the highest score in the game, and advanced to the rematch with the second and first place respectively. Although the results of each team are not the same, the students have always maintained a full enthusiasm, making this quality development very successful.

Civil engineering students have not only achieved good results in this quality development training for professionals in the workplace, but also improved the team awareness of the students, realized the importance of team spirit in the workplace, and laid a foundation for future work. I hope that these students will continue to make great achievements in the future competitions.

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