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Development status and outlet of domestic slitting machine

Development status and outlet of domestic slitting machine

I. Status of domestic slitting machine

At present, the use of the slitting machine in China is mainly divided into several stages. The first stage is mainly used for the main line slitting as one slitting. The primary slitting is mainly provided to downstream deep-processing enterprises. The downstream customer's slitting is the secondary slitting, or the third slitting. The film-making manufacturers at this conference mainly split into one slitting. Fierce, in order to provide better services to downstream customers, film-making enterprises have also joined the secondary cutting. In a single cutting, the most widely used brand is CommScope, followed by Atlas. Japanese cutting machines are rarely used in a single cutting. With the rise of domestic equipment manufacturing industry in recent years, domestic slitters have also gained a certain foothold in one slit. Of course, compared with foreign slitters, domestic slitters still have a certain gap. From the user's point of view, I personally think that there are certain misunderstandings, mainly due to the lack of a deeper understanding of the slitter market. Everyone knows that when buying a device, there must be a performance-price ratio. In fact, the performance-price ratio is not necessarily the best among the brands mentioned above. Some people have done such a test in the United States. The above-mentioned brand slitter is compared with the Japanese Kataoka slitter. When slitting the same film material, the Japanese Kataoka wins. The main performance is in stability and speed, speed reduction, and non-stretchability. Japan's Kataoka shows superior quality and its price is lower than the above brands. It is a pity that among the domestic film-making enterprises, none of the slitting machines used the Japanese Kataoka slitting machine, which is a pity, that is to say, domestic companies bought the second-rate equipment abroad at the highest price. I researched the American market. Japanese Kataoka has a very high market share in the United States. I believe that with the increase in market requirements and fierce competition, domestic companies will step out of this misunderstanding and re-understand the market for slitters. Compared with the first and second slitting, the current situation of the use of the slitting machine in China appears to be diverse. The first slitting is mainly played by imported equipment. In the field of the second and third slitting, many brands are The domestic market has its own magical powers. There are European, Japanese, and Taiwanese. In recent years, domestically produced slitters have gradually replaced foreign brands. The following results have caused the following:

1. Foreign advanced cutting technology has gradually flowed to China;

2. The rise of domestic manufacturing;

3. Popularization of advanced control technology;

4. The price of the slitting machine is low due to the low manufacturing cost;

A variety of reasons mentioned above have led domestic film-making companies to choose domestic slitting machines. With the passage of time, I believe that domestic slitting opportunities will become more mature and have better performance.

two. Problems of domestic slitter in production

The domestic slitting machine has the following problems more or less in the first slitting and the second and third slitting:

1. Not rigorous enough during the manufacturing process

Tolerance control is not accurate enough during machine manufacturing, and the surface manufacturing is rough, especially in the supporting electroplating industry. There is a defect in the dynamic balance of the rollers of a cutting machine made in China at one time. The lagging of related industries, the wear resistance and aging resistance of the rubber covered by the rollers are much lower than those of foreign products. The bearings used seem to be selected from well-known foreign brands, but fake and inferior products have flooded the domestic bearing market. Even if genuine products are purchased, their accuracy is far lower than that used by foreign slitting machines.

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