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Reflections on Teaching Music

Reflections on Teaching Music

As a music teacher, we must first make clear that the purpose of music education is to cultivate students' perception of music, with aesthetic education as the core, and to infect students with the beauty of music in the entire music teaching process, and to cultivate the rich emotions in music Students, so that students gradually develop a healthy music aesthetic ability. In order to achieve this goal and to promote the reform of the new curriculum, I think that in teaching, students must first have a strong interest in music, feel, experience, and express the rich emotional connotation in music. Only in this way, students will gradually enjoy music, so that they can have a deeper understanding of music. It is necessary to actively guide students so that they not only benefit now but also for life. Therefore, in the music teaching, I will educate and train students from the following two aspects:

1. According to the existing musical instruments in the music classroom, through the form of music appreciation, let students know and understand various instruments, and let students participate in hands-on practice and explain the basic playing methods of various instruments. In this way, students not only With further contact, but also a keen interest in the various music of our country. Thereby improving students' aesthetic sense of music and aesthetic taste.

2, through a variety of music teaching forms, to stimulate students' interest and hobbies in learning music, active air, in addition to stressful cultural lessons can adjust emotions, which is conducive to the learning of other lessons.

Second, try to increase students' interest in music learning by various methods.

Aiming at the characteristics of the school, and in conjunction with the new curriculum reform, the use of the piano for music teaching while studying music teaching materials will stimulate students' interest and improve classroom efficiency. Specifically:

1. In the music appreciation class, some music can use the school's existing instruments and combine the requirements of the outline to demonstrate the performance to students. It has changed the teaching method of recording and letting students simply appreciate the past, which enables students to open up their horizons while enjoying. , Has the ability to improve aesthetics.

2. In the teaching of music theory knowledge, in order to avoid the dullness of simply learning the theory, use situational association teaching to allow students to gradually understand and master music knowledge. For example, the study of the real value of a note can distinguish different notes by imitating the length of an animal's bark. In this way, students will be easier to grasp.

3. Use multimedia, television, audio and other different teaching equipment to enjoy large-scale symphony and ethnic orchestral works, so that students can further understand and feel the music.

4. In the classroom, let the students sing on the stage, cultivate their participation and practical ability, the students' emotions are high, and the music lessons will be more lively and active.

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