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University Library Management and Service①

Discussion on the Management and Service of University Library①

Abstract: This article takes the connotation of library management as the theme, and based on the current operating conditions of college libraries, systematically illustrates the importance of service concepts in college library management. The role of librarians.

Keywords: Humanistic Management Model of University Library

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Entering the new century With the new technological revolution and the continuous development of information technology, information has become an indispensable important factor for human progress. Countries also regard the development of information technology as an indispensable part to promote technological progress and social development. Therefore, library management and services are increasingly important. In today's society, the challenges of updating information, the drive of a market economy, and the rapid changes in the environment and social progress caused by the combination of network and digitalization, college libraries are facing new challenges in construction and service. The pulse and regularity of the library will give better play to the role and function of the library to the public readers. Here we will elaborate on the management and service of the library. 1 Library Management Overview

The broad meaning of management is the process of effectively planning, allocating, leading, and allocating resources to achieve goals in a specific environment. It serves to achieve organizational goals. It requires a series of coherent organizational activities and coordination of various resources in the organization to achieve organizational goals.

Library management is the rational planning, organization,

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