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Summary of high school biology experiment questions

Summary of high school biology experiment questions

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1. (2010 · High School Senior High School Simulation in Anqing City, Anhui, 2010) If egg protein liquid is used as a material for protein identification experiments, it is found that the protein liquid will stick to the test tube wall after reacting with the biuret reagent. The following description of the cause of this phenomenon is correct A

A. B. The egg protein solution is not diluted enough, and the mixing is uneven. B. Only biuret reagent A was added, no biuret reagent BC was added. B. Egg protein solution is not a suitable experimental material. The reaction time of the protein solution and the biuret reagent is not long enough

2. (2010 · Simulation of Senior High School in Anqing City, Anhui Province) In the following description of experimental design, the correct one is AC.

A. The amount, temperature, and time of experimental materials may be experimental variables

B. A blank control group must be set up for various experiments to ensure a single variable

C. Data measurement should be accurate, so multiple measurements are needed to average

D. In experimental design, experimental results are always consistent with the hypotheses proposed

3. (2010 · Central University of Anhui Chaohu No. 4 Senior High School Entrance Examination) The purpose of the following experiments, the choice of materials and the correct set of reagents are C

Experimental purpose

A Detection of reducing sugar in biological tissues

B Observing mitochondrial human oral epithelial cells with high power microscope

C. Through simulation experiments, explore the membrane's permeability cellophane mass concentration is 0.3g / mL sucrose solution, water

D explore the effect of temperature on enzyme activity 3% hydrogen peroxide solution catalase solution

4. (2010 · Anhui Chaohu No. 4 High School Third Grade China University Entrance Examination) To identify cell death or death in the laboratory, the "staining exclusion method" is commonly used. For example: trypan blue staining, dead cells will be stained blue, while living cells are not stained, so that the cells are dead or alive. The characteristic or function of the cell membrane used in this experiment is D

A. B. Information exchange between cells B. Protect the internal structure of cells

C. B. Liquidity Selective permeability

5. (2010 · Central University of Anhui Chaohu No. 4 Senior High School Entrance Examination) The following statements about scientific experiments and methods are correct B

A. In experiments exploring genetic material, Griffith separated large molecules such as DNA and proteins

B. Watson and Creek used a physical model to study the structure of DNA molecules

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