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[English composition] campus life

[English composition] campus life

The 2011-2012 second semester 2009 L "Communicative English" composition test paper

College: School of Accounting Name: Zhang Yunrui

Professional class: 2009 accounting (5) Student ID: 20094041506

Teacher: Li Dongyan Score:

Campus life

Three years of university life will soon be over. In these three years. I deeply feel the university campus life is good and full.

University campus life in general can be divided into several areas. First, and most important, it is the university taught in various disciplines. The reason why we have to university, the most important task is to learn. Learn all kinds of knowledge for our future work of great help. Secondly, it is the study of our campus life. University life relative to the high school life very much. We could command more time to entertainment. We can have more time to develop our hobbies. Then, in the university campus life, we can also know a lot of friends. Not only confined to their class. Because in the University, we will participate in various activities. Through these activities, we will meet many good friends. These friendships in the future are our fortune. Finally, the university life let me understand many principles. It makes me understand a man to bear responsibility. In later life, need to face all kinds of things. But also to understand his parents' intentions. Understand their to il.

Through the above facts, we preliminarily know university campus life. All these States, that our university campus life is very full. However, there are a lot of students do not think so. We are all through the university entrance exam to enter the University . In high school, every day we are all in the ongoing efforts of learning. Parents in the spare time for us to arrange the various classes in high school. So, we can say that there is no spare time. To university, no one on our constraint and discipline. We do what you want to do. Don't consider things occurred as a consequence. In the course of time, most students have formed a mental laziness. Mainly in, lazy, every day in the room to play computer games have nothing to do and so on. These bad habits may destroy our life. Therefore, we must make good use of their spare time to enrich them. Let him in the social development in the future. Have enough knowledge and development space.

To make a long story short, university campus life is wonderful. University campus life is a precious experience. University campus life will be our most beautiful memories.

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