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Statistical Ethics Essay

Statistics are more moral than law

When I saw the assignments in our statistical ethics class, my first reaction was to feel a little confused. Now I am a junior. Although I have n’t learned home in statistics, I still have a certain understanding of the profession of statistics for two years. In China, a country with a large population and a vast territory, with the rapid development of computer technology, it can be said that it has entered an era of information explosion. This is how big data and cloud computing are born. But in the face of such huge data, there is a lack of relevant talents. At this time, the importance of statistical talents is reflected, and the huge data collected are classified and analyzed accordingly, which plays a very important reference role for the country to formulate future policies. Based on the current situation in China, it can be foreseen that the profession of statistics mainly serves state agencies, enterprises, and institutions to collect, analyze, and process data.

Let's take a look at the definition of morality in Baidu Encyclopedia: "morality refers to the standard of ideas to measure the right behavior, and refers to the sum of behavior norms in a certain society to adjust the relationship between people and individuals and society. It is formed naturally under a specific productive capacity, production relationship, and life form. A society generally has a socially recognized moral code. The morality that involves only personal relationships among individuals, between individuals, and families is called private morality; it involves the public part of society Morality is called social morality. "Morality is biased towards a subjective emotional vocabulary, which is a combination of unwritten rules between people.

What is the law? The law is a code of conduct for regulating social relations. Law regulates social relations by regulating people's behavior. However, the law only adjusts a part of important social relations, and does not regulate all behaviors of people, so it does not adjust all social relations. The law is a code of conduct for rights and obligations. What the law says people have

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