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Analysis of Ningbo English Test Paper in 2012-Fenghua Teachers' Training School

Analysis of Ningbo English Test Papers in 2012

This year's Ningbo English test is guided by the "New English Curriculum Standards" and based on the "2012 Ningbo Academic Examination Description". It focuses on examining students' grasp of basic English knowledge, their ability to comprehensively use language, and their ability to think logically. Students' learning methods and strategies were also examined. The test papers focus on the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and the difficulty factor is about 0.75. The types of questions are basically the same as in previous years, except that the types of tasks for reading tasks have changed slightly, and the composition has also increased the degree of openness and added a certain degree of difficulty.

First, the listening part

Listening focuses on the ability of students to obtain key information from target language spoken materials. The listening material for this middle school exam is rich in content and vivid, and the language is authentic, which is close to student life. The materials are centered around culture and entertainment, school, and family life, and involve topics such as ideal occupation, daily diet, asking prices, common places, sports, telephone terms, movie entertainment, and the London Olympics. The short essay of the fourth topic mainly describes the story of a girl who designed coins for the London Olympics and was invited to participate in a TV show. It has a sense of the times, guides students to form emotional attitudes and values, and encourages students to have a sense of innovation. The disadvantage is that the listening materials of one of the questions are misplaced by the male and female voices, which makes the candidates unable to answer the questions, which violates the fairness principle of the exam.

Second, single choice

The single-choice question reflects the characteristics of the simple examination of grammar knowledge in middle school examination questions in recent years, and focuses on the examination of students' ability to use language properly in situations. Knowledge points are derived from textbooks, but not from textbooks. The examination content is as follows: five verbs, two nouns, one each for adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, pronouns, one for the clause of the object, and three for the contextual communication. The nouns are mainly used to check the meaning of words. The first question examined the meaning of the word "room" as the word "space". It is necessary to guide students to pay attention to the polysemy and different usages of English words. The tense and tense remain unchanged. The tense and voice examination points are the same as the 2010 and 2011 middle school exams, examining the passive voice of the past tense and past tense. Situational communication is lifelike and has a sense of the times. The single-choice question 30 is based on the touching deeds of Zhang Lili, the most beautiful teacher in China. If students are familiar with the matter, even though move and deeply have not appeared in the textbook, they can easily choose the answer. Object clauses have light order and heavy use. The 34th object clause has not examined the order of the declarative sentence this year, weakening the grammar and highlighting its use. The title is as follows: --Can you guess_________ the new Nike sports shoes?

--Yes. Maybe he asked his grandpa to pay for them.

A. how he paid for

B. where he bought

C. when he paid for

D. why he bought

--Zhang Lili, “the most beautiful teacher” has moved us deeply.

-Yes, and she is __________ popular with her students.

A. sometimes

B. never

C. always

D. hardly

Three, cloze filling

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