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Hosting words for the queue game

Moderators: Wang Xiaolin, Zheng Xibin

Emphasizing discipline at the venue:

The weather in the early winter was already very cold. We all braved the cold and insisted on the long-awaited queue competition. Presumably, everyone will not be afraid of difficulties. With a strong will, we will show the courage of young people and make our game smoothly. To the end. I believe that students will strictly demand themselves from two aspects: one is to strictly observe the venue discipline, observe class rules and class disciplines, and show everyone the excellent class style of our class; on the other hand, we will also hold an open minded attitude, Be a good civilized audience, and then be able to show the good positive spirit of our class to each class. I wish all of you classmates to work hard to achieve the level and style of the competition and achieve excellent results. The competition agenda is announced below:

The purpose of this competition:

Strengthen the class students' awareness of discipline, cultivate a sense of collectivism, strengthen the cohesion of the class collective, strengthen the awareness of the rules of collective activities such as grouping, departing, and morning exercises, and establish a good image of the class school. This queue competition is specially held.

Competition method:

1. Sequence of the competition: graded competitions, reading the results of each lottery:

① First grade

②. Sophomore

③. Third grade

④ Sixth grade

⑤. Fourth grade

⑥. Fifth grade

Competition method: The sports committee will lead the team into the field. After entering the competition area, wait for instructions to play the game. The command class will finish the game in order and take it out of the game field.

2. All students enrolled in this class must participate in all. In special cases, reasons must be stated before the game.

3. The competition rules are based on the score list (attached)


Divide the competition and take the top three prizes;

Judges: Lu Yinghong, Zhang Dazhan, Yan Fuheng, He Xiayun, Zhang Dexi, Wu Xide, and An Yongmei

Now announce the start of the game:


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