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National English Test Band Three

National English Test Band Three

National English Test Band Three

(A) writing

PETS Level 3 writing is usually a short essay of about 160-200 words. The difficulty of the article is moderate. The style and language of the article are high. Candidates should pay attention to the review questions when writing, and grasp the core points of the composition. When writing around the topic, candidates should pay attention to clear thinking, accurate language, complete sentences, and avoid grammatical errors when organizing the article. In addition, when writing, use conjunctions such as However, Nevertheless, etc., and try to use proverbs. Such as Every coin has two sides, More practice, More benefit, this will increase the writing color of the composition, and thus improve the score of the composition.

The style of composition examination is often divided into four categories: argumentative dissertation; explanatory text; narrative text; descriptive composition. The following analysis of the above four categories of articles:

(I) Discussion Papers

A dissertation is a style in which the author expresses his or her opinion on a problem or event. The author aims to explain his own opinions and opinions by telling the truth and reasoning, so as to convince people. Pay special attention to the following points when writing a dissertation:

① At the beginning of the paragraph, you must ask questions and the author's point of view to make the reader clear your position; ② make full use of logical reasoning to explain your point of view and convince people; ③ the explanation materials (or arguments) must be true, reliable and convincing ④ When refuting other people's views, you should first acknowledge that your own views may be opposed, and then refute others' views, so as to easily gain the trust of others and make your own views more authentic, reliable, and persuasive; ⑤ The closing sentence is further Clearly state your point of view and win the reader's approval.

Let's take a look at how to solve this kind of article with an assignment "How to Solve the Problem of Traffic Congestion". ① In order to solve the city's traffic congestion, some people have suggested building more roads. ② Some people suggested to open more bus lines. ③ My suggestion.

How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic?

With population rapidly increasing, heavy traffic has become a big headache for many cities. For this very reason, many government officials and experts have

thought up some solutions, among which two draw much attention the country over.

Some people suggest that more and wider roads

should be laid down. It is evident that it can relieve the traffic congestion in the streets, thus accelerating the flow of buses and cars. And meanwhile, the fast and smooth flow of traffic reduces the air pollution caused by engine-idling. But the disadvantage of this solution lies in the fact that too much land that

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