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The ninth grade history final test paper

The third grade history history test paper

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I. Single-choice questions (30 questions in total, 30 points in total) 1. October Revolution in Russia ()

A. Occurred on October 17, 1917 B. First achieved the victory of the Moscow Uprising B. Overthrew the Tsarist dictatorship D. The leader was Lenin

2. Lenin was a great proletarian revolutionary. Most of the following historical facts are related to him. Please judge () ① October Revolution ② New Economic Policy ③ Russia's withdrawal from World War I ④ World War II A.①②③ B.②③④ C.①③④ D.①②④

3.1929--1933, there was a serious economic crisis in the capitalist world. This economic crisis started from () A. Britain B. Germany C. Japan D. United States

4. In the late World War II, in order to open up the second battlefield in Europe, the US and British allies launched an unprecedented scale battle against the Germans. This famous battle was ()

A. Battle of Dunkirk B. Normandy landing C. Battle of Midway D. Battle of Berlin

5. After World War II, the economies of the United States and Japan developed rapidly and became world economic powers. The common reasons for the rapid economic development of the two countries are () ① effective government intervention ② wartime capital accumulation ③ increased foreign investment ④ focus on science and technology A.①② B.①④ C.③④ D.②③

6. Since the end of the Second World War, the Middle East has been volatile and has become a hot issue in the world. The following is a statement about the Middle East issue, please judge which statement is incorrect. ()

A. The Middle East has very poor oil resources, but its strategic position is very important. It is a place where the great powers must compete. B. There were four Middle East wars in the 1940s and 1970s. C. The warring parties in the Middle East are Arab states and Israel D. Palestinian-Israeli conflicts become key to Middle East issues

7. In the early days after World War II, the Asian National Independence Movement surged. India broke through the haze to meet the dawn, which country got rid of its colonial rule and gained independence () A. Britain

B. France

C. United States

D. Germany

8. Two major themes in today's world are ()

A. Peace and development B. Anti-imperialist and hegemonic C. Independence and democracy D. Cooperation and exchange 9. After the Second World War, the "Cold War" proposed by the United States was () A. Comprehensive confrontation with the Soviet Union from the political, economic, and military aspects B .Europe uses economic means, Asia uses military means to confront forms C. War and economic means combined forms of confrontation D. All hostile activities and forms of confrontation except war

10. The sign that the US-Soviet wartime alliance broke down and the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union began (A) Churchill's "Iron Curtain Speech" B. Trumanism

C. Implementation of the Marshall Plan D. Establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

11. The essence of "Trumanism" is ()

A. Interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and dominating the world B. Fighting with the Soviet Union C. Promoting world peace and development D. Rejuvenating Europe 12. The "bipolar pattern" led by the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, was finally marked by () A. North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Warsaw Treaty Organization established B. Trumanism

C. The United States promoted the "Marshall Plan" to assist Western Europe in economic terms. D. The Korean War and the Vietnam War successively occurred in Asia in the 1950s and 1960s. 13. The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan in 1979, excluding ()

A. Fighting with the United States for world hegemony marks the culmination of Soviet hegemony policy B. Improving relations with China C. Fighting guerrillas against the Afghan government D. Expanding their sphere of influence 14. Carefully observe the comics on the right, the meaning of the work What is it? A. The US and the Soviet Union are in serious confrontation, the advantage is on the Soviet side. B. The US and Soviet strength are contested. The advantage is on the US side. C. The United States will win, and the Soviet Union will lose.

15. Today's world political landscape is multi-polar, with its roots in () A. Strong military strength B. Stable political situation

C. Developed science and technology and education D. Multipolarization of the structure of world economic power 16. After the end of the bipolar structure, the general trend of the world situation is ()

A. The trend is easing, but a new, relatively stable world structure has not yet been finalized B. Peace has been achieved C. Tense tends to D. Peace and turbulence coexist

17. The fact that NATO, led by the United States, carried out a long bombing of the Yugoslavia, a sovereign country, in March 1999 shows that ()

A. National conflicts covered by the Cold War have become the most serious problems in the world today B. Peace and turbulence coexist in the world C. U.S. hegemonism and power politics D. After the end of the bipolar structure, the general trend of the world situation is Relief 18. On May 8, 1999, NATO missiles attacked the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, killing three Chinese journalists. This rare event in the history of world diplomacy happened in ()

A. Kosovo War B. Fifth Middle East War C. Gulf War D. Iraq War 19. The following statements about the Kosovo War are incorrect (),

A. Kosovo war is the first war without the United Nations B. Kosovo war ends with the victory of Yugoslavia C. Kosovo war shows the multipolarization of the world structure is blocked D. The United States for the first time puts on the guise of "human rights above sovereignty" 20. Today The world is moving towards a multipolar trend, and its establishment ultimately depends on the comprehensive national strength of each country. Comprehensive national strength includes () ① political stability ② economic strength ③ science and technology ④ military strength A.①②③④ B.①②④ C.③④ D.①②③

21. After the bipolar pattern disintegrated, the world entered a period of alternation between old and new, and a situation of "one super and many strong" appeared. Among them, "multiple strong" refers to () ① United States ② EU ③ Japan ④ Russia ⑤ China A. ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ C. .②③④⑤ D.①③④ 22. The trend of globalization of the world economy is gradually increasing, mainly because of ()

The ninth grade history final test paper

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