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Talent Training in Higher Vocational Colleges

Talent Training in Higher Vocational Colleges

Abstract: Actively exploring the cooperation between higher vocational colleges and enterprises is an important way for vocational education, and it is also a direction that vocational colleges are exploring and practicing. This article discusses the new model of talent training in higher vocational colleges, raises related issues and summarizes relevant experiences.

Keywords: higher vocational education, higher vocational education, school-enterprise cooperation, talent training.

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1 Necessity of building a school-enterprise cooperation model

1.1 Employment Needs of Higher Vocational College Graduates

At present, it is difficult to investigate the reasons for the employment of college students, mainly due to the contradiction between the effective demand of society and the invalid supply of talents in higher vocational colleges. The school-enterprise cooperation model not only enables students to face-to-face with enterprises, and it is relatively easy to obtain employment after graduation. It can also directly test the social-oriented schooling level of vocational colleges and provide a direct basis for professional adjustment and curriculum setting of vocational colleges . Implementing school-enterprise cooperation to run schools around student employment, which is a requirement of employment-oriented vocational education, can strengthen the three linkages of teaching-internship-employment, improve the employment rate of graduates of vocational colleges, and achieve smooth employment for students.

1.2 The need of institutions to improve students' comprehensive quality

Higher vocational education aims at cultivating high-skilled applied talents in production, management, and service. Adopting a school-enterprise cooperation model to build a good off-campus internship employment base is to meet the needs of practical teaching links, and is an important guarantee for training applied innovative talents. At the same time that higher vocational colleges impart students' knowledge, they must also cultivate their professional ability and master the professional skills they will be engaged in in the future.

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