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English abbreviations for communications engineering

English vocabulary query for communication and electronics

Electronic abbreviations (English translation)

AC (alternating current)

A / D (analog to digital) analog / digital conversion

ADC (analog to digital convertor)

ADM (adaptive delta modulation)

ADPCM (adaptive differential pulse code modulation) ALU (arithmetic logic unit)

ASCII (American standard code for information interchange) AV (audio visual)

BCD (binary coded decimal)

BCR (bi-directional controlled rectifier)

BCR (buffer courtier reset)

BZ (buzzer) buzzer, buzzer

C (capacitance, capacitor)

CATV (cable television)

CCD (charge-coupled device)

CCTV (closed-circuit television)

CMOS (complementary) Complementary MOS

CPU (central processing unit)

CS (control signal)

D (diode) diode

DAST (direct analog store technology)

DC (direct current)

DIP (dual in-line package)

DP (dial pulse)

DRAM (dynamic random access memory)

DTL (diode-transistor logic)

DUT (device under test)

DVM (digital voltmeter)

ECG (electrocardiograph)

ECL (emitter coupled logic)

EDI (electronic data interchange)

EIA (Electronic Industries Association)

EOC (end of conversion)

EPROM (erasable programmable read only memory) EEPROM (electrically EPROM)

ESD (electro-static discharge)

FET (field-effect transistor)

FS (full scale)

F / V (frequency to voltage convertor)

FM (frequency modulation)

FSK (frequency shift keying)

FSM (field strength meter)

FST (fast switching shyster)

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