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UNIX practice questions (with blank answers)

Unix operating system exercises

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Fill in the blanks

1. Most hardware systems include 5 output devices.

2.linux has __7___ virtual terminals

3.Linux version, which is maintained by Linus et al., Worldwide



command. The unified version. 4. The command to display the full-year calendar for May 2002 is 5. The file / etc / passwd6 is displayed. The command to display the status of logged-in users in the current system is 7. In vi.

8. In the vi editor, implement delete /.

9. In the vi editor, implement copy /.

10. The command to list all the file names in the current directory that start with one of the four characters a, b, c, and d is 11. In the Linux system, to access the device in a way, all device files are placed in the directory.

12.Linux13.Linux14. And. Three categories. To identify. 15. Under Linux, the hard disk of the second ide channel is identified as __hdb_____

16. There are three ways to log out of the current user: (1), (2).

17. Links are divided into: and.

18. The super block contains important file system information such as and. , (319. The permissions of a file are: drw-r--r--, the permissions are expressed in numerical form, then the octal number is:

The file attribute is drw-rw-rw-, you can use the command.

20. Linux system 121. The process started in the foreground is terminated during startup.

22. If you want to transfer a process running in the foreground to the background, you can use the implementation; if you want to

A process running in the background is called into the foreground and you can use the command; if you want to terminate a process running in the background, you can use the kill command.

23. When installing a Linux system to partition a hard disk, there must be two partition types:

The format of the swap partition is. The system swap partition is used as an area

24. Shell permissions written.

25. The system swap partition is an area that acts as a system.

26. The kernel is divided into four children


27. Kernel configuration is an important operation for system administrators when changing system configuration.

28. In the installation of Linux system, use the program to configure the network, the installation program will prompt you with

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