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The sixth unit test in the seventh grade in Chinese

Unit Test Question

Class: Name: Rating:

(100 points in total, 2 points for roll noodles)

I. Accumulation and application of basic knowledge (24 points)

1. The one with an underlined accent is () (2 points)

A. People do n’t know and do n’t know (yùn) Huayong Wang Langju took refuge by boat (xīn) Do n’t hear the sound of the machine (zhù) Same as a tourist (huàn)

B. People who are not tired (hu 学) Learn without thinking (wǎng) What is difficult to do (zhé) Then carry Zheng Ruchu (zhěng)

C. Some friends come from afar, and also say nothing (yuè) Twelve rounds of tactics (zhuǎn) There is no change in the country's tone; Mao Fai (cuī);

D. Thinking without learning is à (dài) Respecting the King is not (fǒu) Wang Yushe's man (shě) is my old robe (zhuó)

2. The following underlined explanation is incorrect () (2 points)

A. Fall in love (drop, throw away) B. Sensitive and easy to learn (agile, easy)

C. Thinking without learning is dangerous (dangerous, academically troubled) D. Willing to buy a horse for the city

3. The following words are written incorrectly () (2 points)

A. Bashan Chushui Cut Candle Candles

B. Chao Shuo Mi Li Jun to Xiaoxiang Minran everyone 矣

C. Knowing the Waters of Jojoba

D. Shen Zhou stood in shame after asking about thirty

4. Answer questions in the original text (4 points)

A. "Magnolia Poem" writes the sentence that Magnolia lives hard in the north is: B "Rejoicing in the joy of Yangzhou at the first meeting and seeing gifts" tells us that new things will replace old things.

Sentences with a developmental perspective are:

5. Read the following poems aloud, the sentence with inappropriate rhythm is () (2 points)

A. City 阙 / Assistant / San Qin B. Today / Listening / Jun / Song / Yiqu

C. Yangtze / Jiangtou / Yang Liuchun D. Confucius / He Yi / Ye Zhiwen

6. Identify the false words in the following sentences and write them down. (8 points)

(1) Learn from time to time, don't you care?

(2) When the window manages Yun Yun, the mirror is yellow.

(3) The guest asked Yuan Fang: "Is Zunjun there?"

(4) Go out to watch the fire partner.

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