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Catalogue of Chinese Classics

The Chinese Classics is the content of the Chinese Classics Early Education Machine. The Chinese Classics Early Education Machine integrates the classics of the sages and saints, and uses the subtle way to give the audience a touch of embellishment. Let children and parents learn and improve at the same time!

Early learning machine for Chinese studies, scientific research products of the Chinese Educational Research Association. In terms of Chinese education, special advocacy: Tao Li makes children feel Chinese studies, spring weather turns children to enjoy Chinese studies, Tong Mengyang is allowing children to take root in Chinese studies. Learn Chinese culture happily and happily.

Chinese Children's Classical Musical Series of Musical Heart Series 1 Yangguan Triassic 2 Taiji 3 Qiushui Youyou 4 Plum Blossoms Alley 5 Fengqiuhuang 6 Nothing Comes Nothing 7 Quiet Mountain Silence 8 Cold Window Reading Night 9 Lingtou Mountain Scenery 10 Brahma Miles 11 Drizzle Songtao 12 Pu'an Mantra 13 Pounding

14 Yushu Linfeng 15 Yan Nai 16 Guan Yan 17 18 19 20

Wolong Yin autumn wind words ancient style

Spring Moon Flower Night

21 Wei Bian San Jue 22 Xiao Xiang Shui Yun 23 Guang Ling San 24 Yue Yang Three Drunk 25 Drunk Fisher Singing Late 26 Pei Lan

27 Shuanghe Tingquan 28 Flowing Water

29 Empty Mountain Bird's Words 30 Guan Shanyue 31 Inquiring the First Day 32 Long Xiang Cao 33 Qiujiang Yebo 34 Yanshi Tune Orchid 35 Nagato Resentment 36 Yangchun Baixue 37 Lisao 38 Liang Xiao Yin 39 Da Hu 笳

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