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Appreciation of Lisao (excerpt)

Appreciation of Lisao (excerpt)

Lisao (Excerpt) Appreciation of Wang Shuyun's Learning Objectives Learn about Qu Yuan's patriotic enthusiasm, strong will, and high-quality character. 2. Learn about the ideological connotation and artistic achievements of Lisao. Learning Points 1. ? Experience the patriotic spirit, will to fight, and high-quality personality of the lyrical hero of Lisao. 2. Know the romantic features of Lisao. 3. ? Master the Bixing technique in Lisao. Difficulties in learning ? Read and understand the text. 2. Thoughts on the characteristics of romanticism. What is the beauty of Qu Yuan ’s personality? What is its practical significance? How does the romanticism of this article show the significance of the “than” and “Xing” techniques in this article? * Reading and understanding: 1. "Introduction" Lisao is a glorious romantic poem. It is the longest lyric poem in Chinese classical literature and is Qu Yuan's representative work. Lisao is a self-ordered lyric. "Li Sao" is also a masterpiece of Chu Ci, which is known as "Sao" or "Sao". "Chu Ci" is a poem created by Chu people represented by Qu Yuan in the Warring States period, and it is a new style of poetry with Chu culture characteristics. It is mainly composed of six and seven words, with varying lengths, flexibility, and multi-modality "xi". Han Liu Xiang edited the works of Qu Yuan, Song Yu and others into a book and named it "Chu Ci". So Chu Ci became another collection of poetry after the Book of Songs. The title "Lisao" was originally the name of the Chu folk song, which is the sound of "complaint" and "sorrow"; it also contained the meaning of suffering and depression. Sima Qian considered it to be "sorrowful", Ban Gu considered it to be "sorrowful", and Wang Yi understood it to be "don't worry". The entire story of Li Sao can be divided into three levels: the first layer of poets' life, quality, ambition, conflicts with the King Chu and Tatars, and unwavering fighting spirit; the second layer of poets ’" beauty " The pursuit of ideals and the failure of pursuits. And I feel unbearable and distressed when I do n’t see the tolerance of the king, I do n’t know the world; the third layer of poets wants to travel abroad and seek opportunities to realize their ambitions, but he finally refuses to depart from the motherland and prepares to die. 2. Translation (excerpt): I am the descendant of Emperor Gao Yang, and my esteemed father is Boyong. In the first month of Yinnian, I was born on earth. When my father looked at me when I was born, he gave me a beautiful name. Give me the name Regular, and give me the word Ling Jun. I have a lot of inner beauty, and I have a beautiful manner. I put Jiang Li and Bie Yi on my body, and put the fragrant Qiu Lan into the waistband. Time is as fast as the water, lest I wait for my age. Go to Gaopo in the morning to pick Mulan, and go to the sandbar to pick up Sumang in the evening. Time flies, and it won't last long. It changes frequently in spring and autumn. Seeing that the trees and plants are so withered, I am worried that the beauties will turn into old age. King Chu

Why not abandon dirty politics at a young age? Why not change this law? King Chu Ruken has appointed wise men. I am willing to be a pioneer to explore the road. In the past, the three kings had good virtues. It must be a place where people gather. Wouldn't the knots be adornments? Shen Jiao and Bing Gui were also worn on the body. Then Tang Yao and Yu Shun are bright and upright. They have a bright future following the right path. Xia Yan and Shang Yan are so arrogant and arrogant, walking on a sloping road and walking with difficulty. The aristocracy who ran the party and operated privately stole the king and put the king of Chu


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