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How high-paid white-collar invests in wealth management

An emerging, healthy, safe, and most promising way to manage money!

How high-paid white-collar invests in wealth management

Ms. Jiang is a middle-level manager of a state-owned enterprise in Changsha. She has a monthly salary of more than 8,000. After removing various expenses, she has a monthly balance of 3,000. After three years of work, she has saved a lot of savings. Like many white-collar workers, Ms. Jiang likes to shop online and is even addicted. She often buys a bunch of things, but she can't use them. Miss Jiang has a headache. The Internet has become a big expense for her. She heard her friends say that there are many investment and financial management channels on the Internet and she is very interested. So Miss Jiang consulted with a financial planner.

Miss Jiang's needs:

1. Peace of mind, because office workers do not have much time to take care of;

2. The income is stable, and investment was rarely made before. I hope the income is relatively stable.

3. The threshold is low. After all, the income is limited. It cannot be a tens of thousands of yuan, such as bank financing and trust.

According to Ms. Jiang's needs, the financial planner suggested: reserve enough and invest freely.

Suitable for investment projects: Black Tea Set

product features:

1. The brand manufacturer Hunan Baishaxi Tea Factory is on sale in limited quantities;

2. Each set has a unique number and a notarization from a notary office;

3. Multiple values: Drinking can strengthen the body and feel the cultural charm; gifts can reflect the taste and intentions of the gifts; collection and investment can obtain investment returns.

4. The market of black tea is that the value of new tea will increase by 30% every year, and that of Chen tea doubles.

5. The investment income can be obtained by way of cashing out through subscription and trading platforms.

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