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Module Three Assignment

Module Three Assignment

Discover in comparison, grow in thinking

Studying the case of "Myself on the Internet" brought me a refreshing feeling, and it also caused me deep thought. There are still many shortcomings in my own teaching: I have never tried to write a lesson plan for a theme unit. It is just a simple instructional design, which is not careful in preparing lessons. In combination with this study, we must consider the single module as a whole.

1. Combined with the teaching plan of "Myself on the Internet", the design elements of the theme unit teaching plan are summarized as follows:

The first is the main design elements: learning goals (theme learning goals, thematic learning goals), learning overview (themes, topics), problem design (theme unit problems and thematic problem design), topic division, teaching materials and resources (all in the learning process Various supporting resources required), learning activity design (activity form, content and process selected for this topic), teaching evaluation, etc.

The second is the auxiliary design elements: the title of the theme unit, the applicable grade, the time required, the corresponding curriculum standard (theme, topic), the required class hours (total class hours and thematic class hours), and so on.

The main design factors refer to the large and important aspects, which must be taken into consideration in case design, and the design takes more time. The auxiliary design elements are detailed links that need to be optimized, and they are also an indispensable part of a successful design case.

2. (1) Similarities:

The first is the lesson plan designed for daily work, similar to the special lesson plan, with a single content;

The second is to articulate the learning goals, which is about to reach the preset of learning results;

Third, there is consistency in the preparation of teaching resources;

The schedule for class at four o'clock is the same;

Fifth, it is necessary to conduct teaching evaluation and summarize the effect of classroom teaching.

(2) Differences:

The first is the presentation of the subject lesson plans (or subject unit lesson plans) in the subject area, which clarifies the integration of the curriculum, and the subject lesson plans are generally not involved;

The second is that the special lesson plan is constructed based on the theme unit, and the mid-view teaching design is considered as a whole. The design is considered more comprehensively, and the lesson plan is more single and one-sided;

Third, the thematic lesson plans (or theme unit lesson plans) are summarized, and a mind map can be attached, which is not included in the lesson plan;

Fourth, the special lesson plan (or theme unit lesson plan) is designed to reverse the problem, which is clear and clear, and has strong directionality, which is not included in the lesson plan;

Fifth, the thematic lesson plans (or theme unit lesson plans) have corresponding curriculum standards, but the lesson lesson plans do not;

Sixth, although there are teaching objectives, only the objectives of the theme units are explained in three dimensions, while the lesson plans are explained in three dimensions and the specific lesson plans are not explicitly listed;

Seventh, the lesson plan is more specific in the teaching process, while the special lesson plan is used to show the teaching content and teaching steps in the design of learning activities. The forms are different, and the content is generally the same.

In short, the design of thematic lesson plans is based on a high level. In combination with other content of the theme unit, the problem design, knowledge overview, and corresponding curriculum standards are very clear. The lesson plans are generally only considered from this lesson. It is thin, but there are still some shortcomings from the aspect of practicality. The lesson plan is suitable for novice teachers, and the unit special lesson plan is suitable for experienced teachers who are pursuing professional career improvement. The two should learn from each other and learn from each other.

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