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Beast Wars novice Raiders must see experience

Beast Wars novice Raiders must see experience

Beast Wars novice Raiders must see experience

Log in to the game and enter your favorite name. There are two tribes, Holy Alliance and Dark Tribe.

The roles are warrior, hunter, wizard, each class has its own characteristics,

Warriors are highly resistant, hunters are fast, and wizards have a wide range of injuries and attacks.

Choose the type you like, and start the game.

The early stage of the game is based on the novice guidance operation, and the basic novice guidance ends after level 7.

The next step is to level up by receiving mainline tasks. Novices are the fastest to do the initial upgrade.

And the teleports in the missions before level 30 are free. You can experience the rocket-like upgrade speed.

After the free lunch after level 30 is gone, you need to run around step by step to do the task. It is recommended that you can upgrade to VIP1. The world map is free to transfer, which can speed up your previous upgrade speed.

You can quickly rise to level 31 through the main and branch tasks. After level 31, you can pick up daily tasks and do it while you pick it up.

After completing daily tasks at level 31, you can rise to level 32 (of which 100 monsters in daily tasks can be killed temporarily, after level 33)

Do it again). After the upgrade, continue to take on the main task. After finishing, you can hang up and level up.

Ps: Remember to collect the rewards for each achievement.

What to do quickly

1. Daily 3 world bosses (a lot of experience)

2. On-hook acceleration (be sure to use the upgrade accelerator)

3. Daily activities (not to mention this)

4. Copy (equipment, materials, experience)

Other things to do

1. Camp Wars (Combat Merits)

2. Family warfare

3. Trial ground (repair)

Cultivation for the role: the skill level of the character is improved, the character rule is improved, the pet product level is improved, and it is repaired as a mall.

Martial arts role: upgrade family technology

Let's talk about pets for everyone, let's not talk about others for the time being.

Pet Quality Division

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