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An Encyclopedia of English Phrases for Junior Middle School

1. in English 2. how many

3. a piece of bread 4. four cups of tea

5. a pair of shoes play chess

7. run after chase 8. play football play football

9. be good at on the basketball team

11. scoot at the basket the first us

13. at eight hurry up

15. a quarter past ten five to eleven five to eleven

17. the next train on Monday

19. 20. a ticket for Shanghai at home

twenty one. a good idea 22. go skating

twenty three. in the afternoon 24. in winter in winter

25. make a snowman 26. put on

1. in Class One, Grade One 2. play ball games play ball games

3. read books 4. in summer

5. have one's class 6. on the playground

7. every day 8. the first class

9. be interested in his friend

11. go to the zoo collet stamps

13. 14. make model cars take pictures

15. grow roses 16. go fishing

17. Chinese food 18. my parents

19. two American boys a new student

twenty one. study English thank you

twenty three. 24. In China speak Japanese

25. very well 26. only a little

27. a department store 28. of course of course

29. try on 30. have a look at

31. how much at the market

33. 34. shopping a post office

35. deliver letters 36. take care of

37. run a machine 38. get up

39. last year for a long time

41. next year come back

43. listen to music 44. around the house

45. have a party 46. have meals

47. look for 48. the first floor

49, each of us 50 each of us on the wall

51. be far from write to

53. get up 54. have breakfast (lunch, dinner, supper)

55. do one's homework 56. go to bed

57. watch TV 58. get to arrive

59. at home 60. prepare for

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