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TOEFL Comprehensive Writing Model

TOEFL Comprehensive Writing Model

TOEFL Comprehensive Writing Model

One: drug advertisement


Proposition: The information provided by drug advertisements is objective and comprehensive, and the more the patient knows about the drug, the better

1. Patients can learn more about information about prescription drugs (information)

2. When the doctor prescribes the drug, the patient can compare it with the advertisement, which is helpful for the drug selection.

3. Through advertisements, patients can learn about the development of new drugs and remind doctors


Challenge proposition: Patients do not need to know too much about drugs, because sometimes too much knowledge can be confusing to non-professional patients, and the information provided by the advertisement is not complete

1. Advertisements usually only promote the benefits. It is difficult for the patient to judge the side effects.

2. The patient does not know the exact usage and dosage of the drug, and may use it incorrectly.

3. The advertisement only promotes new medicines, but not the old medicines, but for different conditions, maybe the old medicines are more appropriate (appropriate)

Example: The speaker raises serious counterarguments against the reading paragraphs by providing drastically different evidences regarding the effects of the advertisement, the impact of self-selecting medication, and the impact of trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

First, knowing more information from the ads will not necessarily help the patients make better-informed decisions, as the reading argues. On the contrary, patients, without professional training and knowledge, will be more susceptible to misunderstanding information. For example, they would focus only on the positive sides of a certain medicine while ignoring the serious side effects.

In addition, if the patients bear the responsibility of prescribing their own medication, they assume more responsibility to their own health. This makes doctors less liable for potential risks and adverse consequences.

Lastly, as for the new trends' benefits to the patients, the speaker does not challenge the reading directly. Instead, he argues that the new medicine, which will count for most of the ads may not necessarily be the best medicine, even though the patients can inform their doctors about the new products.

2: web-storybook service


The benefits of web storybooks

1. Can teach children to read

2. Affordable, parents do not need to buy books for their children

3. Can accompany the child instead of the parent, saving time for the parent


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