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Teacher recruitment exam tips: quickly improve math problem solving skills

Teacher recruitment exam math exercises

Teacher recruitment exam tips: quickly improve math problem solving skills

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What is capability? Psychology is defined as such: ability refers to the personality psychological characteristics that directly affect people's activity efficiency and make the activity complete successfully. In mathematics, I think ability is the ingenuity to solve problems.

I. How can I improve my problem solving ability?

The first is imitation. Problem solving is a skill, just like swimming, skiing, and playing the piano. At first, you can only learn it by imitation.

Followed by practice. If you do not swim in the water yourself, you will never learn to swim. Therefore, to gain the ability to solve problems, you must do exercises and do more exercises.

Third, to improve your problem-solving ability, imitating alone is not enough. You must use your brain. For example, for the proof of the textbook theorem, it ’s not enough to understand and understand the example solution and proof. You must understand how people come up with that solution method, why do you solve it that way? Is there any other way to solve the problem? I think this is the most important thing. If you really understand other people's problem-solving ideas, then you will be innovative on this basis, and you can improve your problem-solving ability.

What kind of ability should be paid attention to when studying mathematics

Computing power

2. Space imagination ability;

3. Logical thinking ability;

4. The ability to abstract practical problems into mathematical problems;

5. The ability to combine shape and number to transform each other;

6. Ability to observe, experiment, compare, guess, and summarize problems;

7. Ability to research and discuss problems and innovative ability.

What is the key to improving the ability to solve mathematical problems?

The flexible application of mathematical ideas is the key to improving the ability to solve problems. Our ancestor mathematicians have created a lot of mathematical thinking methods for us. We should understand it well, understand it, and apply it flexibly. . For junior high school mathematics, there are mainly the following types of mathematical thoughts (the so-called thoughts are the theoretical methods that guide our practice, here mainly the ideas or methods):

1. transform ideas


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