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Summary and Practice of Junior Middle School English Knowledge

Summary and Practice of Junior Middle School English Knowledge

2009 junior middle school English knowledge summary and practice

First grade (on)

[Knowledge combing]

I. Key phrases

1. Sit down

2. on duty

3. in English

4. have a seat

5. at home

6. look like

7. look at

8. have a look

9. come on

10. at work

11. at school

12. put on

13. look after

14. get up

15. go shopping

II. Important sentence patterns

1. help sb. Do sth.

2. What about ...?

3. Let s do sth.

4. It s time to do sth.

5. It s time for…

6. What s…? It is… / It s…

7. Where is…? It s….

8. How old are you? I m….

9. What class are you in? I m in….

10. Welcome to….

11. What s… plus…? It s….

12. I think ...

13. Who s this? This is….

14. What can you see? I can see….

15. There is (are)….

16. What colour is it (are they)? It s (They re)…

17. Whose… is this? It s….

18. What time is it? It s….

III. Communicative terms

1. Good morning, Miss / Mr….

2. Hello! Hi!

3. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too.

4. How are you? I m fine, thank you / thanks. And you?

5. See you. See you later.

6. Thank you! You re welcome.

7. Goodbye! Bye!

8. What s your name? My name is….

9. Here you are. This way, please.

10. Who s on duty today?

11. Let s do.

12. Let me see.

IV. Important Grammar

1. The use of the verb be

2. Personal and pronoun usage

3. Use of singular and plural nouns and possessives;

4. Basic usage of articles

5. There be sentence patterns.

[Explanation by famous teachers]

1. in / on

When representing a spatial position, in means within a certain range of space, and on means above the surface of an object. E.g:

There is a bird in the tree.

There is a picture on the wall.

2. this / that / these / those

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