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Building Practice Review Questions

"Building Practice" exercises

I. Single-choice questions (80 questions in total)

1. On a building, the second floor above ground is used as a temporary warehouse. The room is filled with cement at a uniform height and classified according to the load surface. The load distributed on the second floor of the building is ().

A. Uniform surface load

B. Line load

C. Concentrated load

D. Scattered load

2. According to the stress characteristics of reinforced concrete beams, beams and plates are typical () members.

A. Stressed B. C. Pulled B. D. Twisted

3. When the height of the daughter wall of a multi-storey small block house exceeds () m at least, it shall be increased.

Set up a structural or anchor post anchored to the top ring beam.

A. 0.50 B. 0.75 C. 0.90 D. 1.20

4. The steel for steel structure is mainly hot-rolled steel plate and section steel. The minimum thickness of the steel plate is greater than () mm, which is a thick plate.

A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6

5. When the construction control network of the building site is in the form of a grid or an axis, it is most convenient to use () to measure and set the plane position of the building details.

A. Cartesian coordinate method B. B. Polar Coordinate Method A. Angle forward intersection method D. Distance Intersection

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