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LVPECL signal principle

LVPECL signal principle

LVPECL signal principle

LVPECL signal principle

LVPECL is Low Voltage Positive Emitter-Couple Logic, which is a low-voltage positive-emitter-coupling logic. It uses 3.3V or 2.5V power supply. LVPECL is derived from PECL. PECL is Positive Emitter-Couple Logic The meaning of logic is to use a 5.0V power supply, and PECL is derived from ECL. ECL is Emitter-Couple Logic, which is the emitter coupling logic. ECL has two power supply voltages, VCC and VEE. When VEE is connected to ground and VCC is connected to a positive voltage, the logic at this time is called PECL; when VCC is connected to ground and VEE is connected to a negative voltage, the logic at this time becomes NECL, and VEE is generally connected to a -5.2V power supply; the general ECL is Refers to NECL.

ECL classification:

Advantages of ECL / PECL / LVPECL logic:

1. The output impedance is low (6 ~ 8ohm), and the output impedance is high (can be regarded as infinite), so the driving ability is particularly strong, it can drive

Transmission line with characteristic impedance of 50 ~ 130ohm and AC characteristics have not changed significantly. Due to its strong driving capability, it supports longer distance transmission, so ECL logic is basically used for backplane routing or long cable transmission.

2. ECL devices are not as sensitive to voltage and temperature changes as TTL and CMOS devices. ECL clock drivers generate better concurrency for each clock and smaller skew.

3. Compared with LVDS, which is also a differential signal, ECL supports a higher rate. Due to process limitations, the logic of LVDS is rarely higher than that of LVDS.

1.5GHz applications, while ECL can be applied to higher than 10GHz, it can be said that higher than 5GHz, basically the world of ECL and CML. Among all digital circuits, ECL has the highest working speed and its delay is less than 1ns. It is used in small and medium-sized integrated circuits, high-speed and ultra-high-speed digital systems and equipment.


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