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How to touch a five-month baby

How to touch a five-month baby

Mother can touch the baby for five months. Maybe some mothers haven't heard of baby touch, it's okay, today I will introduce baby touch to everyone. Come and learn two tricks.

Five-month baby doing baby's touch

Baby touching is not a fashionable activity, it is a medical method. The skin is the largest sensory organ of the human body receiving external stimuli, and is the external receptor of the nervous system. Early touching is to give appropriate stimulation to brain cells and nervous system during the critical period of infant brain development, promote infant nervous system development, and promote growth and intelligent development.

Due to the characteristics of the baby's nervous system development, attention can't be focused for too long. If it is touched for too long, it will cause him to get tired. Generally, the duration of the touch is ten to fifteen minutes, and the longest should not exceed twenty minutes. Touching different parts will have different effects. For example, the face can relieve tension on the face, the chest can breathe smoothly, and the hands can increase flexibility.

How does a five-month-old baby touch the baby?

Five-month baby touching baby

Gently massage the baby's head, and draw a smile on the child's upper and lower lips with the thumb, so that the child can fully feel happy.

Place your hands on the sides of the baby's ribs, slide your right hand up toward the baby's right shoulder, and then gradually return to the original position; do the same with your left hand.

Massage the baby's umbilical in a clockwise direction, but care should be taken not to massage the area until the umbilical condyle has come off.

Place your hands flat on the baby's back, start massaging from the neck down, then gently massage the muscles on both sides of the spine with your fingertips, and then move from the neck to the bottom again.

Hang the baby with both hands, pinch its arm with one hand, squeeze it gently from the upper arm wrist, and then massage your fingers with your fingers; use the same technique to massage the other hand.

Massage the baby's thighs, knees, and calves, squeeze gently from the thigh to the ankle, and then massage the ankle and foot; under the premise of ensuring that the ankle is not injured, use the thumb to massage from the heel to the toe.

Each time starts from 5 minutes and then gradually extends to 15-20 minutes, 1-2 times a day. Touching can be appropriate, because too gentle soothing will itch the baby, but it will easily cause the baby's dislike.

Come on, mother, baby care for your five month baby.

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