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Excellent kids are such doc

This is how good children are raised


1. Spend half an hour with your child every day.

2. And the children at home also use civilized phrases, "Good morning, please, thank you, good night" and so on.

3. Let the children develop a good habit of stressing on hygiene.

4. Listen to your child! -With patience, love, and happiness, the heart has eyes!

5. Don't expose your child's scars just to remind them.

6. Seriously point out your child's mistakes!

7. Don't always take your children seriously, laugh more with your children: Because laughter can make children love life more; guide children to look at things positively, easily and happily.

8. Tell stories to children, be patient, and stories have educational significance.

9. Don't impose on the child the ideals that were not realized at that time, and let them realize them.

10. Caring for the child, but appropriate punishment at the right time is also needed. Don't protect the short of the child.

11. Education is not necessarily justified, and sometimes tough measures can be taken as appropriate.

12. Think about at least one question about your child's growth every day based on your child's performance.

13. It is very beneficial to carry out art education for young children, cultivate their elegant aesthetic taste, pay attention to guide and enrich their emotional knowledge, and deepen their emotional experience in nature.

14. For children in early childhood, do not allow them to live with their parents for a long time, the next generation is closer, is not conducive to education. It may not make sense, but it definitely applies.

15. Pay attention to the cultivation of children's kindness. The ancients said: Don't do evil for small things, don't do small things for good.

16. Teach children to smile, smile and face everything in life, smile and face life.

17. Don't make rash promises to your children, and do everything you can to fulfill your promises.

18. Always think differently! Parents should always think about what their children are doing and thinking. What if I am a child?

19. Give your children some space and freedom, and give them some pressure and responsibility!

20. Explain to the child that he is already cute and no longer need to show himself.

twenty one. Never say that children are worse than other children.

twenty two. Never use insults to punish children.

twenty three. In children's work, constantly looking for things to praise.

twenty four. Don't scare the child. So as not to cause children to be too timid and afraid of things.

25. Don't criticize and laugh at your children in public, so as not to cause psychological deformity and loss of self-confidence.

26. Don't be too harsh on your children. In order to prevent children from being afraid and shy to express their opinions, they will develop a good-natured character.

27. Don't praise the child too much. In order to prevent the child from developing a bad habit of "selling reputation".

28. Don't imply that your child is doing bad things. For example, fights must be fought back, your own stuff is not eaten, and you do n’t buy tickets when you ride.

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