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2015 Teacher Basic Education Public Basic Knowledge (Review of Teacher Recruitment Examination Information and Review Method Description)

Comprehensive Education Knowledge

Review of materials and description of review methods

This material is collected according to the content of the examination (the new curriculum reform of pedagogy and psychology education regulations, etc.).

I. Exam Understanding

The highly competitive examination does not have a specific examination scope and examination outline, and no specific designated teaching materials. The propositional person likes to ask questions as much as they like, but although the main content is different in each region, the emphasis is generally similar or similar! For the future knowledge related to teaching, student relations, student learning psychology, and learning interaction equals the combination of pedagogy and psychology, all should be the focus of the exam. Everyone needs a good reference!

Review method:

The teacher recruitment examination can be said to be a "three no" examination, no specified teaching materials, no examination scope, and no examination outline. So the review method is difficult, blind and confused for fresh graduates.

In view of this situation, after we have tested the personnel's summary, a relatively effective and feasible review method is: after a brief understanding of the content, the conquest of the test questions, and various aspects of test training, that is, do more test questions first, and In the test questions, I encountered unknown and ambiguous data to supplement and strengthen it. The reason is that single reading is inefficient and can't remember. Often it is read once and forgotten once. Through the intensive training of the test questions, you will find that the main content, important, will appear repeatedly in the test questions. This is more important for improving efficiency!

According to the time relationship, we make selective arrangements for the collated data for reference only! The time is short and the review is as follows:

1) The first reading and review of the pedagogic psychology question bank-"Teacher recruitment examination pedagogic psychology question bank (including answers)"

2) Then train 10+ 3 sets of educational theories for simulating pedagogy and psychology. The content is more and needs to be checked carefully. -"Ten sets of quasi-practical simulation questions in educational psychology plus 3 sets of educational theory questions"

3) For education regulations, it is recommended to read "Review of Educational Theories and Regulations on Teachers' Competition for Employment of Primary and Middle School Teachers"

4) Teachers' professional ethics, it is recommended to do the test questions directly, the theory seems very strenuous, use the questions to strengthen

5) The new curriculum reform. This part has theoretical content and test questions. It is mainly considered that the new curriculum reform is more popular. Teachers who ask questions will pay attention to this content and hope to combine the content of pedagogy psychology and the new curriculum reform. Take a look. Can do more exercises.

Generally speaking, the content of pedagogy psychology is relatively large, followed by education regulations, new curriculum reform, and teacher ethics. Need to focus!

If there is more time. You can browse other materials first, and then expand in the order above!

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