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Summary of the annual assessment of primary school teachers

Summary of the annual assessment of primary school teachers

Summary of the annual assessment of primary school teachers (1)

In the past year, in education and teaching, I always adhered to the party's education policy, oriented to all students, taught and educated people, and established a model for others. The development of students' personality attaches importance to stimulating students' creative ability, and cultivates students' moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor comprehensive development. In this year, I was stricter with myself in discipline and loved education. Always constrain yourself as a member of the league and spur yourself. Be strict with yourself and strive to set an example in the minds of colleagues and students in terms of ideology and work. I also actively participate in various political business studies and strive to improve my political and business standards. Obey the school's work arrangements and cooperate with leaders and teachers to do a variety of work inside and outside the school.

In terms of teaching, I strive to listen to more lessons, learn from others' strengths, and understand the art of teaching. I am fully prepared for each class, and my belief is never to fight unprepared. In the course of preparing lessons, carefully analyze the teaching materials, and design teaching plans based on the characteristics of the teaching materials and the actual situation of the students.

Peiyou assistant is the highlight of this year's teaching work, because there are always top students and underachievers in a class. For the less advanced students, I always give special care. First of all, I ask more questions in class, more inspections, more counseling. Then they praised them for their progress in class. After class, they talked to them and made friends. They built their confidence and stimulated their interest in learning. Promote and promote the improvement of undergraduates through the birth of top students. Through their unremitting efforts, students have achieved comprehensive development.

With regard to the work of a class teacher, I attach great importance to the ideological education of students. Through class meetings, morning meetings, ideological and moral lessons, and the combination of teaching materials for each subject, students are educated in loving the motherland, loving the people, loving the collective, loving the elderly, and learning. Enable students to develop a good class and study style. Class cadres are the teacher's left and right hands, so I regard trained class cadres as an important part of the work of a class teacher. I often give class cadres regular meetings to understand their work and encourage them to work boldly. Enable class cadres to establish prestige among their classmates and become model for classmates to learn.

Summary of the annual assessment of primary school teachers (model text)

Looking back on this semester, there are many places worth summing up and reflecting. A summary of the work this semester is now to promote the further improvement of my future work.

1. Strengthen learning and continuously improve the quality of ideology and business.

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