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Introduction to PET of National English Test

Introduction to PET of National English Test

I. The nature and characteristics of the National English Proficiency Test (PETS) The National English Proficiency Test (Public English Test System (PETS)) is approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (referred to as the Ministry of Education, the same below), designed by the Ministry of Education Test Center This is an open, non-educational test for the entire community that is developed for the entire citizenship. Its characteristics are: First, it is a target-referenced examination system with five levels covering different levels of needs. It can make reliable horizontal comparisons of English proficiency of different types and different levels of candidates. Candidates are not restricted by occupations, ages, and academic backgrounds, and can apply for the corresponding level according to the actual situation of their English learning. Second, the use of various examination methods can ensure a comprehensive examination of the language communicative competence of the candidate in listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially in the examination of listening and speaking. Third, the relationship between various examination requirements can be scientifically defined, and the evaluation criteria of candidates at all levels can be reasonably set on the basis of the same ability scale and detailed explanations can be given. In the future, this test will gradually transform the college entrance examination, graduate entrance examination, college English fourth and sixth level exams, and other internal English exams in various industries, replacing the Examination for Overseas Students (EPT), self-study English for public courses, and English test for secondary vocational schools At the same time, it provides a reliable and scientific basis for the English training, assessment and labor employment of cadres. Fourth, compared with other types of English examinations, the National English Proficiency Test has higher reliability and validity. The use of modern examination techniques and methods can ensure the equivalence of the results of candidates at different levels of the same level, making the examination results more scientific, fair and accurate. Second, the classification of PETS according to the differences in the level of English learners and different requirements of employers, the test levels from low to high are divided into one, two, three, four, five, in addition, there is a subsidiary level: Level B. The first level of PETS1. Candidates who pass this level of examination basically meet the basic needs of foreign affairs such as taxi drivers, hotel bellmen, doormen, traffic police and other jobs at the same level. It can replace the English test of the former secondary vocational school system (level 2). Candidates who pass the second level (PETS2) of this level have basically met the English language requirements of colleges and universities and continue to meet requirements such as hotel receptionists, general bank staff, general employees of foreign-related companies, and similar levels. Other tasks are the basic needs in foreign affairs. This level of examination standards has transformed the English test of the college entrance examination. Written test scores can be exempt from the self-study exam of higher education. Level 3 (PETS3) Intermediate level. Candidates who pass this level of examination have reached the level of non-English major undergraduate self-study examination of higher education or meet the requirements of non-English majors of ordinary colleges and universities, and basically meet the administrative secretary and assistant manager of enterprises and institutions. , Basic scientific and technical personnel, foreign enterprise staff's work, and other work at the same level in basic foreign exchange needs. Written test scores can be exempt from higher education self-study exams public English

(two). Candidates who pass the level 4 (PETS4) level and pass this level of exam have a level of English that basically meets the needs of non-English majors studying at postgraduate level in colleges and universities. It basically meets the requirements for English for general professional technicians or researchers, modern business managers, etc. basic requirements. This level of examination standard has been used to transform the English test in the graduate entrance examination. Level B (PETS1B) is a subsidiary level of level 1 with less than 500 words. It mainly tests the communicative skills involved in the most basic communication occasions of candidates. It is suitable for the needs of English learning within the industry and the need to popularize English in a large area. These several levels of examination standards are based on the same ability scale, and there are obvious differences and internal connections between each other. For the design standards and test requirements for each level of the test, please refer to the National English Proficiency Test (PETS) Test Syllabus prepared by the Test Center of the Ministry of Education. 3. Examination forms Each level of examination includes written and oral examinations. The written examination includes listening test content. The test uses the written test first and then the oral test. The written test types mainly include objective test questions and subjective test questions. The oral test uses face-to-face conversation, and each oral test uses a test conducted by two teachers of the oral test on two candidates (level B is one candidate). During the test, one of the teachers of the oral exam did not participate in the conversation and scored exclusively. The other presided over the oral exam and spoke with the candidates at any time. Fourth, the conditions for registration Candidates are not restricted by age, occupation, education, gender, nationality and other conditions. Anyone can register for any level of examination according to the actual situation of learning English. Candidates are not required to have a lower level Only after the certificate

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