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Symptoms of selenium deficiency in children

Parents are very concerned about the symptoms of selenium deficiency in children, so that they can judge whether the child is selenium deficiency based on the symptoms in a timely manner.

According to clinical trials, it can be concluded that selenium deficiency can produce the following manifestations:

1. The most obvious symptom of selenium deficiency is Keshan disease, which mainly occurs in children 2-6 years of age and women of childbearing age. The main symptoms of Keshan disease are: fatigue, fatigue, palpitation, pale, rapid heartbeat, and an enlarged heart that can be found on examination , Decompensation of heart function, and even shock, heart failure, and arrhythmia. Keshan disease mostly occurs in rural and mountainous areas, and is mainly caused by a single diet.

2. Selenium deficiency can also lead to Kashin-Beck disease. Kashin-Beck disease is mainly manifested as thick bones and joints, short stature, and labor loss. It is often prevalent in the same area as Keshan disease. Kashin-Beck disease is clinically manifested as short stature and limb joints. Enlargement, slow progress of the disease, early numbness, poor movement, square palms in short, short stature, etc. The disease does not affect the patient's intelligence and longevity, but affects labor capacity.

3. Goiter is not only related to iodine, selenium deficiency is also an important factor. Selenium can promote the increase of iodine absorption in the thyroid gland, and selenium deficiency will cause it to be deficient in iodine, which will lead to goiter. Dream weaving, dream weaving

4. In the state of low selenium, the body's humoral immunity and cellular immunity levels have been reduced to varying degrees. Some immunoglobulins have reduced their ability to react and prolonged the immune response time. When the body is affected by external pathogenic factors, it cannot be effective in time. Resist, kill them.

5. Lack of selenium will also affect the development of intelligence. Sufficient selenium will allow you to harvest a smart baby, which will play a vital role in your baby's future learning, life and development.

6. Children's myopia, face wasting, acne, and dental caries are all related to selenium deficiency. Selenium deficiency can even lead to malignant tumor diseases such as leukemia and nervous system tumors in children. Deficiency of selenium in pregnant women can also cause fetal malformations.

Parents should understand some of the symptoms of selenium deficiency in children, so that we can make correct judgments based on the baby's symptoms. Of course, we usually do tests, actively supply selenium, and take precautions to make the baby have a healthy and happy childhood.

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