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10 things a smart mom should never do

10 things a smart mom should never do

10 things a smart mother should never do 1. Expect children too much and be too disciplined. A large part of the "outstanding" children who have been forced out have mental illness, which is likely to cause resentment against parents and society.

2. Disrespect the child and make all decisions and choices for the child. This has been around since the child was very young.

3. Do not believe in children, do not give children the opportunity to learn "self-discipline". When the child closed the door, he always felt that he must be doing bad things in it.

4. Don't praise the children, lest they be proud. When a child rushed home cheerfully and told her mother that she was praised by her teacher, her mother said that if she was praised she would end up with a tail. Look at your dirty clothes!

5. I like horizontal comparison. The most commonly spoken is "You see XX". It can be said that this is a common problem for all parents.

6. Love to spit on the child, ridicule the child. Parents bring their children's emotions in their work life to their children. They feel angry when they feel a little discomfort. They also feel that the child is their own.

7. Conditionally meet the child's requirements. "You get the top 3 in the class and take you to play in the summer vacation", "You get the best university, I will buy you the best computer"


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