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Conic curve end detection

Conic curve-end of chapter detection (1)

I. Multiple choice questions

1. If the standard equation of the ellipse is 9x2 25y2 225, its eccentricity is ()

3455A, B, C, D,


Two points for B, then the perimeter of ABF2 is ()

A, 3 B, 6 C, 12 D, 24 9. The standard equation of the parabola with focus on the straight line 3x 4y 12 0 is () A. y2 16x or x2 12y B. y2 16x or x2 16y C. y2 16x or x2 12y D. y2 12x or x2 16y

2. The focus coordinate of parabola y 4x2 is ()

A, (1,0) B, (0, 1) C, (


3. The focal length of the hyperbola 2 1 is ()

m 124 m2

11,0) D, (0,) 1616

10. If the short axis of the ellipse is AB and one of its focal points is F1, then the eccentricity of the ellipse that satisfies △ ABF1 as an equilateral triangle is () A.




Conic curve end detection


Conic curve end detection

A. 8 B. 4

Conic curve end detection

C. D. Related to m

11. The length of the line segment intercepted by the hyperbola for a straight line passing through the right focus of the hyperbola y2 x2 8 with a slope of 2 is ()

Conic curve end detection

4. F1 (5,0) and F2 (5,0). The difference between the distance between the P point on the curve and the two fixed points is 6, then the curve equation is ()


A, 1 B, 1 (x 3)


C, 1 D, 1 (x 3)


Conic curve end detection

Conic curve end detection


Conic curve end detection

D. 12. The center of a moving circle is on the parabola y2 8x, and the moving circle is tangent to the line x 2 0, then the moving circle must pass the fixed point () A. (0, 2) Second, fill in the blanks

13. The asymptotic equation of the hyperbola is known as yx, then the eccentricity of the hyperbola is 14, and the coordinates of the point on the parabola y2 12x with a distance of 9 from the focal point are _________.

15. Given a parabola y2 2px (p 0), a chord that passes the focus is AB, and AB 6, xA xB 4 then the distance from the midpoint of AB to the guideline is __________


16. Given that the angle between the point P on ellipse 1 and the two focal points F1 and F2 of the ellipse is a right angle,



B. (0, 2)


C. (2,0) D. (4,0)

5. Hyperbola 4x2 y2 64 0 The distance from point P to one of its focal points is equal to 2, and the distance from point P to the other focal point is equal to ()

The asymptotic equation of A, 10 B, 8 C, 6 D, 14 6, and hyperbola 9x2 4y2 36 0 is ()

twenty three

A, yx B, xy


C, yx D, yx



7. The two focal points of the ellipse y2 1 are F1 and F2. After F1, a straight line perpendicular to the x-axis intersects the ellipse. One



The intersection is P, then PF2 is equal to (

Conic curve end detection

Conic curve end detection

C. D. 4


3. Answer questions

17. Find the real axis length, imaginary axis length, focus coordinate, top edge coordinate, eccentricity, asymptotic equation of hyperbola 9x2-25y2 225.

8. If the focus of the ellipse is F1 (0, 1) and F2 (0,1), the eccentricity is


, Crossing point F1 makes a straight line crossing ellipse at A, 3

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