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"Two learning, one doing" learning experience

Experience of party members learning two things and doing one thing

"Two learning, one doing" learning experience

In accordance with the requirements and deployment of the Central Committee, this year the country will carry out "two studies, one action" study and education activities among party members, that is, studying party constitutions and rules, studying important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and becoming qualified party members. This is another thematic activity following the party's mass line education practice activities and the "three strict and three real" special education. It is another important practice to deepen the education within the party. As a grass-roots party member teacher, under the organization of the school, I have carefully studied the "two learning, one doing" learning and education program, and now I will talk about my own experience.

1. Party members must be absolutely loyal to the party

"Loyal to the party and never betray the party" was Zheng rewritten to enter the party's oath. A gentleman promises nothing, and a vow is a lifetime commitment. As a party member, you must have a deep understanding of the mutually reinforcing relationship between your own development and the development of the party. Think of what the party thinks, worry about what the party is worried about, and do n’t do things that are not good for the party. I do n’t believe the rumors, I have a firm mind and do more work for the party.

Party members must play a role

As an ordinary party member in school, I mainly work on teaching or teaching management. It is my job to educate students and improve the level of education. However, the education of secondary vocational students is difficult and there are certain risks. This requires us to be party members. Teachers have a role to play. As for the tasks that are manifested in the fear and unwillingness of others, we accept and implement them, regardless of gains and losses, and consider the overall situation. Under the new situation, it is recognized that vocational school students are difficult to manage, and schools must raise high demands on teachers if they want to improve. Our party members and teachers must strengthen their learning and practice, hone their basic skills in teaching and management, and strive to improve classroom and persuade students. ability.

3. Party members must respect discipline

In the final analysis, "two studies and one action" is to correct the thinking style. As the saying goes: "Without rules, there is no way round." Party rules and party rules are the rules and norms of party members' behavior. As party member teachers, they must strictly adhere to political discipline, work discipline, organizational discipline, and life discipline. , Loyal to perform their duties, but also do things outside eight hours, take care of their own hands, mouth, body, healthy life, elegant style, happy life.

In short, it is necessary to deeply understand the spirit of the document, link the activities of "learning the party constitution and party rules, learning a series of speeches, and being a qualified party member" to the teaching and research work of the post, consciously deepening the ideological understanding, and giving full play to party members' efforts in education, guidance, and unity of the people Important role, earnestly awaken their awareness of party constitution and strengthen the awareness of law and discipline, and comprehensively improve comprehensive quality.

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