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100 things smart moms must do for babies

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100 things smart moms must do for babies

Things a mother of a 0 to 1 year old should do

1. Intellectual development

1.1 From the moment the baby fell to the ground, talk to him. Experiments have shown that adults talk to the baby more often, and the baby speaks earlier.

1.2 Help babies learn to crawl. In addition to body coordination, crawling can promote babies' curiosity and expand the scope of safe knowledge.

1.3 Learn a few small games and spend at least half an hour playing games with your baby, whether he or she will.

1.4 Choose a few educational toys to bring more joy and knowledge to your baby.

1.5 Read or tell a story for your baby every day. You don't have to tell it too much. You don't need to change it every day. A simple story can be repeated.

Words from experts: The age of 0-1 years is the period of awakening in physics, psychology, and social consciousness after the baby is born. Maximize your baby's multiple intelligences.

2. EQ education

2.1 The mother holds her baby for at least an hour each day, and if possible, skin contact for 2 hours every 6 months.

2.2 Smile, keep smiling often and let your baby learn to smile.

2.3 Let your baby learn to wait. Let your baby know that proper waiting is necessary, waiting to hug, waiting to drink milk, and waiting for toys.

2.4 Make eye contact with your baby. Under this kind of spiritual communication, raising a baby is better at building a rapport with others.

2.5 Take your baby to a competition, such as crawling, shouting, etc. Let your babies have a sense of competition since childhood and know how to have fun from competition.

Words from experts: The baby's personality is shaped by his parents bit by bit and subtly. In the case of a baby aged 0-1, parents should not think that he doesn't understand, so they don't need to teach him. Successful tutoring is closely related to the verbal expression of parents. In particular, the tone and posture of the parents and the baby will have a profound impact on the baby.

3. Health Conservation

3.1 Regularly go to the hospital for childcare checks and planned immunizations.

3.2 Buy a dining chair for your baby and gradually cultivate his good habits of eating regularly.

3.3 Keep the living environment sanitary. Before 1 year old, the baby spends most of the time indoors, so it is very important to create a clean and clean living environment.

3.4 Give your baby touches and aerobics, so that your baby's immunity is enhanced and her constitution is better.

3.5 After birth, you can start swimming and spa treatments. Water is something that babies naturally like, and it also has unexpected effects.

3.6 When you are with your baby, wash off your makeup and contact your baby with the cleanest and sweetest look.

3.7 Protect your baby's teeth from the age of 0. Although the deciduous teeth will be replaced in the future, the health of the deciduous teeth directly affects the baby's physical health.

3.8 Before 1 year of age, train your baby to have a regular schedule, because the habits of the infancy are most ingrained.

3.9 When the baby is half a year old, take him for an eye examination, and then regularly check to ensure that the baby's eyes are not problematic.

3.10 Don't wear shoes for your baby before you walk. A pair of non-slip socks will be able to spend the days before,

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