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Nanning Housing Provident Fund Management Center District Direct Sub-Center-Instructions for Housing Provident Fund Withdrawal, Transfer and Cancellation Business 20120312

1 serving.

3. For the purchase of commercial housing, second-hand housing, and affordable housing developed by the government, provide:

(1) One copy of the house purchase contract (second-hand house sale contract);

(2) A copy of the receipt or invoice for payment of the house;

(3) A photocopy of the registration and registration certificate of the commercial house sales contract (within 1 year);

(4) For the second-hand housing, provide one copy of the transferred ownership certificate (within 1 year) and deed tax payment certificate.

4. For self-built houses and overhauled self-occupied houses, provide:

(1) Provide self-built housing a copy of the "Planning Land Planning Permit", "Construction Project Planning Permit" and "Construction Project Construction Permit" (or "Starting Permit"), and submit an application within 2 years of construction ;

(2) Overhauling self-occupied housing, providing an identification certificate (within 1 year) issued by the house safety inspection department, and a copy of the contract or project budget signed with the construction party;

(3) A copy of the purchase invoice.

5. For rental housing, provide:

(1) Tax payment certificate for paying rent (within 1 year);

(2) The housing lease contract filed by the real estate authority;

(3) Proof of family income.

6. For those who enjoy the minimum living security in cities and towns, provide a copy of the certificate of low poverty issued by the civil affairs department or the certificate of special hardship issued by the Federation of Trade Unions.

7. If a family member suffers from a major illness (25 major illnesses specified in the Criteria for the Definition and Use of Major Disease Insurance), provide:

(1) Disease diagnosis certificate;

(2) Medical settlement invoice (within 1 year);

(3) Proof of the relationship between the applicant and the patient.

3. For housing fund transfer funds or households, the following materials must be provided

(I) "Application for Withdrawal of Housing Provident Fund of Units Directly under the Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

1 approval form;

(2) One copy of the person's ID card;

(3) According to different reasons for closing accounts, the following materials must be provided separately:

1. Provided by the units located in the transfer area directly and centrally:

(1) 1 copy of transfer order, notice of appointment or labor contract;

(2) The original certificate of the housing provident fund management center of the transferee.

2. For retirees and retirees, provide one copy of their retirement or retirement certificates or relevant certificates issued by the labor and personnel department.

3. For resignation, termination of labor contract, laid-off and no reemployment, provide resignation, termination of labor relationship

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