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Nanning Housing Provident Fund Management Center District Direct Sub-Center-Instructions for Housing Provident Fund Withdrawal, Transfer and Cancellation Business 20120312

Notes on the withdrawal of housing provident funds


First, matters needing attention

(1) All copies must be verified as originals.

(2) If the applicant's name does not match the attachment, proof of relationship (marriage certificate, marriage certificate,

Certificate of residence, civil affairs department or public security organ).

(3) The withdrawal amount does not exceed the paid house payment or the principal and interest of the loan repaid and the withdrawal

Take the account balance.

(4) If the purchase of a house or repayment of a house loan is made in another place, the person or the

Proof of current work or household registration.

(5) Consulting telephone for housing fund withdrawal business: 0771-5595312; Center

Website business consultation telephone: 0771-5755682; automatic information inquiry telephone: 16822333;

Website and form download:

(VI) The business office address of our center: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, No. 6 Yibin Road, Nanning

District government service hall on the second floor.

2. To withdraw housing provident fund, the following materials must be provided

(I) "Application for Withdrawal of Housing Provident Fund of Units Directly under the Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

1 approval form;

(2) One copy of the person's ID card;

(3) According to the different purposes of withdrawing the housing provident fund, the following materials must be provided separately:

1. For repayment of a house purchase loan (within 1 year of repayment of the loan), provide:

(1) One copy of the bank loan contract;

(2) One original bank repayment statement recently (with the banking stamp).

The above two items can be waived for loans in our center.

2. For the purchase of unit housing, provide:

(1) 1 copy of the house purchase contract (agreement);

(2) 1 copy of the receipt or invoice for paying the house payment (within 1 year);

(3) Proof that the purchaser is an employee of the construction unit;

(4) For purchase of housing reform, provide a copy of the housing reform department evaluation form or real estate certificate (within 1 year);

(5) For funds-raised houses, the "Calculation Form of Actual Payment of Full-Funded Houses" shall be provided for more than 5 years of approval

Or 1 copy of real estate certificate (within 1 year), and 1 copy of approval document provided within 5 years;

(6) For market-operated building construction, the district housing reform office agrees to extract the market-operated building construction of the unit where the person is located

1 copy of the approval letter;

(7) For the renovation of dilapidated houses, provide the distressed house renovation approval and a copy of the purchase permit of the employee.

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