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The Construction Enterprise Qualification Standards will be implemented from January 1, 2015

Implementation of the Qualification Standards for Construction Enterprises since 2015

The Qualification Standards for Construction Enterprises will come into effect on January 1, 2015. The Standards for Qualification of Construction Enterprises issued by the former Ministry of Construction (Jianjian [2001] No. 82) was abolished at the same time.

(Note: After comparison, the professional contracting qualifications in the new qualification standards have been reduced from the original 60 to 36. Changes related to the field of construction engineering: earthwork, concrete prefabricated components, towering structures, elevator installation, metal door and window engineering, Qualification of professional contracting enterprises for stress engineering, blasting and demolition engineering; merger of waterproofing engineering, anticorrosive and thermal insulation engineering into waterproof and anticorrosive thermal insulation engineering; ready-mixed commercial concrete specialty changed its name to ready-mixed concrete specialty, and professional contracting of attachment lifting scaffolding expanded to professional contracting of formwork scaffolding

In addition, the new qualification standards clearly stipulate the number of registered builders with the first, second, and third levels of qualification and the majors of construction enterprises in various categories (the special grade is not yet announced). Among them, the most obvious changes are: The number of first-level builders has increased significantly; the qualifications of third-tier enterprises in each category have been changed from third-level project manager certificates to registered builders. )

table of Contents

I. General


(I) Qualification Standards for Construction General Contracting Sequences 8 Qualification Standards for Metallurgical Engineering Construction General Contracting

1 General contracting qualification standards for building construction 8.1 First-level qualification standards

1.1 First-level qualification standards 8.2 Second-level qualification standards

1.2 Level II qualification standards. 8.3 Level III qualification standards.

1.3 Three-level qualification standard 8.4 Contracted project scope.

1.4 Scope of Contracted Projects 9 General Contracting Qualification Standards for Petrochemical Engineering Construction 2 General Contracting Qualification Standards for Highway Engineering Construction 9.1 Level I Qualification Standard

2.1 First-level qualification standards. 9.2 Second-level qualification standards

2.2 Second-level qualification standards. 9.3 Third-level qualification standards

2.3 Three-level qualification standards. 9.4 Contracted project scope

2.4 Scope of Contracted Projects 10 General Contracting Qualification Standards for Municipal Public Works Construction 3 General Contracting Qualification Standards for Railway Engineering Construction 10.1 First Class Qualification Standards

3.1 First-level qualification standards 10.2 Second-level qualification standards

3.2 Second-level qualification standards 10.3 Third-level qualification standards.

3.3 Three-level qualification standard 10.4 Scope of contracted projects.

3.4 Scope of Contracted Projects. 11 General Contracting Qualification Standards for Communication Engineering Construction

4 General contracting qualification standards for port and channel engineering construction 11.1 Level I qualification standards

4.1 First-level qualification standards 11.2 Second-level qualification standards.

4.2 Level II qualification standards. 11.3 Level III qualification standards.

4.3 Three-level qualification standards. 11.4 Scope of contracted projects

4.4 Scope of contracted projects. 12 General contracting qualification standards for mechanical and electrical engineering construction.

5 General contracting qualification standards for water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction 12.1 Level I qualification standards

5.1 First-level qualification standards 12.2 Second-level qualification standards

5.2 Level 2 qualification standards 12.3 Level 3 qualification standards

5.3 Level 3 qualification standards 12.4 Scope of contracted projects

5.4 Scope of Contracted Projects (2) Qualification Standards for Professional Contracting Sequences 6 General Contracting Qualification Standards for Power Engineering Construction. 13 Professional Contracting Qualification Standards for Foundation Engineering.

6.1 First-level qualification standards. 13.1 First-level qualification standards

6.2 Secondary qualification standards 13.2 Secondary qualification standards

6.3 Level 3 qualification standards 13.3 Level 3 qualification standards.

6.4 Contracted project scope. 13.4 Contracted project scope.

7 Qualification standard for general contracting of mining engineering construction 14 Qualification standard for professional contracting of lifting equipment installation engineering

7.1 Level 1 qualification standards 14.1 Level 1 qualification standards.

7.2 Level 2 qualification standards 14.2 Level 2 qualification standards

7.3 Level 3 qualification standards. 14.3 Level 3 qualification standards

7.4 Contracted Project Scope. 14.4 Contracted Project Scope

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