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After Lei Fengguan 2

After watching the movie "Lei Feng"

Huang Ling, Central Primary School, Shuangding Town, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City

After watching the movie "Lei Feng", Lei Feng's brilliant and great figure was deeply imprinted in my mind, and my mind was full of thoughts. Lei Feng, this glorious name, flashes an immortal light in our hearts. He dedicated his youth to the party and the people. He did not have any earth-shattering feats. Everything he did was ordinary, but it was this countless ordinaryness that made him great. As an ordinary soldier, he used his short period of twenty-two springs and autumns to cast the glory of life and emit a shining light. A Communist is a people's attendant. He should regard the difficulties of others as his own difficulties and the joy of comrades as his own happiness. Lei Feng said this, and even more so. He sent the savings that he usually saves to the families of his comrades, and to the people who do n’t know the disaster. He used his spare time to help the children in the nearby schools. He used His own money bought tickets for passengers who lost their tickets. He stitched up clothes for his comrades late at night. Lei Feng often used holidays to go out to do good deeds. He traveled a thousand miles and made a train of good deeds. Lei Feng never stopped doing something for the people. Another good thing, these things may not be such a great feat, but it is this little bit of good things for the people to solve their problems, like a brick and a stone, building a spirit building Lei Feng helping others, Gao The high ground stands in the hearts of the people. Nowadays, people who are helpful and selflessly denominated are called "live Lei Feng".

"I'm alive, and I have only one purpose, to be a person who is useful to the people." Lei Feng used his actual actions to compose a new song in the short life journey. Fushun issued a flood and transportation was connected to a flood rescue order. Lei Feng just put up


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