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Common Spoken 200 Sentences

American Daily English Conversation 200

1.Hold on and wait a minute (in vernacular, people do n’t use wait aminute very much) If the two argue, swear, raise the bar, you want others to "stop", you can say, hold it right there.

2.I hate his guts. It is also said that I hate him guts. Guts is the intestine, which is equivalent to "hate the bone marrow". He doesn '' '' t have much gut. He is a coward.

3.Nuts, nuts, kernels, when plural, meaning "crazy", He is nuts. He has a neurosis. He went nuts and killed a guy. You are driving me nuts. You are driving me nuts. a tough nut to crack, a difficult mission

4.How is everything? (Is it okay?) I am just stuck in a rut, doing the same things every day. I wish Icould do something different. I want to change the way of life.) Rut everyday, so every day, get in a rut, day after day, day by day

5.I have totally sold out to your idea. I have 100% of your opinion. Similarly, if you are not careful enough, you will buy into his bad idea. If you are not careful, you will adopt his proposition.

6.I am just ecstatic about going to visit you soon. I'm happy to die.

7.A dap and dip make a face-to-face, and leave behind.

Matt: Are we going to Jon`` ''s party?

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