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A very useful TOEFL comprehensive writing template

TOEFL Comprehensive Writing Template ~ Hold a Buddhist leg and use it

In the test room, our brains are usually very nervous and chaotic. It is difficult to think of good comprehensive writing and good templates in a short time, including turning sentences, beginning and end, progression, etc., which will delay us a lot of time. More importantly, using ordinary words and sentences will also affect the overall score. The following template I found on the side of the writing paper is very very easy to use. You can choose a comprehensive writing in the machine book to try it out, work out a template that suits you, and then memorize it, you can save a lot on the test room. Time, at the same time, is also helpful to improve the number of words and scores. LZ just relied on this template to write 28 points in the 124 exam without writing it at the end. Although there were no scores of 30 points, for the last time I had only 17 points, it really improved a lot. Hope this template can help you who are struggling to conquer TOEFL, good luck!

The red font is the replaceable part.

The reading passage explores the issue of… The professor's lecture deals with the same issue. However, he / she thinks that…, which contradicts what the reading states. And in the lecture, he / she uses three specific points to support his / her idea.

First, even though the reading passage suggests that…, the professor argues in the lecture that… This is because…, which means… Obviously, the professor's argument disproves its counterpart in the reading.

Moreover, despite the statement in the reading that…, the professor contends that… Then he / she supports this point with the fact that… In other words,…

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