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The latest public servants general knowledge (free download)

The latest public servants general knowledge (free download)

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How many seasons are there in the tropics? 2

The largest arable land country in Asia is: India

What is the city emblem of "Daughter of the Sea"? Which galaxy in Copenhagen is known as the "Old Man's Country"? The elliptical galaxy Miaoying Temple white pagoda was built in the Yuan Dynasty to the eighth year (AD 1271). The white pagoda of the Miaoying Temple white pagoda is in the form of a Xu Mi seat, and the tower is erected. The important symbol, and what I call the "God of Mathematics" is: Which dynasty did Archimedes' Xue Taojian come from? Don

38. The largest satellite in the solar system is: Europa 39. What is the average density of the sun? 1.4 grams per cubic centimeter 40. What does the theory of celestial bodies demonstrate? The earth revolves around the sun. 41. Who proposed the center of the sun? Copernicus, (Polish, famous astronomer)

42. Apart from the sun, which star in the universe is closest to us? Proximity stars 43. The nine major planets of the solar system are: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune 44. What is the temperature of the Earth's inner core? 4000 degrees Celsius 45. Among the following four cities, the most abundant solar energy is: Xining 46. The new energy derived from solar energy is: Wind energy 47. Who is the king known as the Sun King? Louis XIV

48. During the Jin and Sixteen Kingdoms period, who established the former swallow, the later swallow, the western swallow, and the southern swallow? Murong

49. Mogao Grottoes is located in the southeast of Dunhuang City, about 25 kilometers from the city. The caves were excavated on cliffs at the eastern foot of Mingsha, and were built in: Eastern Jin 50. What dynasty was before the Tang Dynasty? Jin Dynasty

51. Eliminated Wu in the Western Jin Dynasty and ended the division of the Three Kingdoms period in: 280 52. The seat of the central government of the Netherlands (Western Europe) is: The Hague; the capital: Amsterdam; the official language: Dutch (95% penetration of English); ; Known as the "country of windmills"; due to its low terrain, the Netherlands always faces the erosion of the tide. In 1229, the Dutch invented the world's first windmill to power humans; the second one in May each year Saturday is "Windmill Day"; the windmill is a vertical cross when viewed from the front;

53. What are the two types of Stone Age? Neolithic and Paleolithic; the differences between Neolithic and Paleolithic are: differences in production methods

54. The emergence of humans is related to labor. The tools that were originally produced and used by humans (Zhoukoudian Ape-Man) were:

55. "Book Holy" Wang Xizhi's masterpiece is: "Lanting Preface" 56. The engineer who invented the first pneumatic tire in 1845 was: Robert Thomson (UK, but not actually used); the inventor of pneumatic tires, Scotland Dunlop (filed a patent and established the world's first tire manufacturing plant to start production of rubber tires); France's Michelin Company, brothers André Michelin and Edward Michelin, invented in 1892 A detachable pneumatic rubber tire (sensational world)

57. Who invented the scale? Gilpelsonade Lombarval 58. The inventor of the first practical helicopter was: Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky (Russia), one of the world's famous aircraft designers and one of the founders of aerospace manufacturing. The most famous is the design and manufacture of the world's first four-engine large bomber and the first practical helicopter. 59. Which country invented the key? Rome

60. The inventors of the train locomotive are: Stephenson (UK), the "Trip" test run in 1825 (opening a new era in land transport); the "Rocket" in 1829 (the train was officially used in transportation)

61. The scientist who invented the telephone: Alexander Graham Bell

Constructed by the artisan Anigo Fengxian from which country? Nieber's thirteenth phase wheel, so-called: "Thirteen days"

The earliest and largest Tibetan stupa in the country. Miaoying Temple White Pagoda

10. The main causes of seawater tides are: lunar gravity 11. What science is astronomy studying? Celestial body

12. Which of the following is not the main research object of astronomy? Meteorology 13. How many constellations do astronomers divide stars across the sky into regions? 88

14. The top four countries in terms of territorial area are: Russia, China, Canada, United States

15. What is Canada's territory area in the world? Article 2 16. Is the easternmost city in China Heilongjiang? Suifenhe City 17. The time when the French bourgeois revolution broke out: July 14, 1789 18. In the face of strong winds and heavy rains on the river, which drama "Shen Jiang" Wu Liuqi sang 19. Who killed Wu Liuqi? Gui Zhong

20. Africa's minerals that rank first in the world in terms of production and reserves are: gold, diamonds

21. The Niger River is located in: Africa

22. The desert area of Africa accounts for approximately one-third of the entire African area: 23. The countries with the most oil production in Africa are: Nigeria

24. The most typical animals on the African savannah are: zebra, giraffe 25. Africa's largest river is: Nile

26. The most widely distributed climate in sub-Saharan Africa is the savanna climate. 27. Egypt is located in Africa: Northeast

28. The following narratives about race are correct: Sub-Saharan Africa is known as the hometown of black people

29. The first blacks were shipped from Africa to Haiti in the 16th century. 30. Which continent has the fewest islands? Africa 31. Which country is the African hero Mahdi? Sudan 32. The "turtle" of the "Killing Turtle Conference" means: Wu Sangui 33. Where did Wu Sangui declare independence in the early Qing Dynasty? Yunnan 34. On which day was the sun the furthest from the earth? Summer solstice 35. What is the surface temperature of the sun? 6000 degrees 36. What is the inner temperature of the corona? 1 million degrees Celsius

37. How many layers does the Sun's atmosphere have? Respectively? 3 layers; from outer to inner are: corona layer, chromosphere layer and photosphere layer

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