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Introduction of National Computer Application Technology Certificate Examination Module

Introduction of National Computer Application Technology Certificate Examination Module

"Basics of Computer Operations" is an introductory module for learning computer skills and the basis for further studying and mastering computer application technology. Candidates are taught to use the common functions of computers such as operating system platforms, Chinese character input, and word processing software so that candidates understand the requirements of the computer when performing operations and master the basic and typical operations of the computer. Through the study of multimedia, computer network and other knowledge, understand the basic characteristics of the input, processing and output required by the application computer to deal with problems.

"Windows 95/98/2000" training exam content:

Basic concepts of microcomputers

2. Basic operation of microcomputer

3. Microcomputer Operating System

4. Chinese Character System and Chinese Character Entry

5. Basic operation of Windows 95/98/2000

6. Basic operation of word processing software Word 7.0 / 97/2000

Word Processing can also be used as an introductory module for computers. Candidates are taught to use word processing software proficiently, to master a Chinese character input method with a certain input speed, to master standard document editing, modification, and typesetting rules, to use computers to perform input, editing, and typesetting tasks, and to print Various Chinese and English texts in different styles. "Word 6.0 / 7.0 / 97/2000 or WPS 97/2000" training exam content:

1. Use word processing software to create, store and retrieve files

2. Text editing

3. Formatting

4. Make a form

5. Preview and print the document

6. Insert mathematical formulas and charts into the document

7. Create and edit graphics

8. Document security and confidentiality

"Electronic Forms" teaches candidates to be proficient in the application of spreadsheet software and systematically learn how to use computers for digital information representation, collection, processing and analysis. Able to operate a spreadsheet software to store, edit, calculate, analyze, retrieve and print data.

"Excel 5.0 / 97/2000" training exam content:

1. Basic concepts of Excel spreadsheet software

2. Activity units, rows, columns, areas and related operations

3. Graph and chart generation

4. Workbook file creation, opening (including file retrieval), closing, storage (including file backup, naming), and deletion

5. Wizard tools and their use

6. Statistical calculation, classification processing, frequency distribution calculation and ranking of data

7. Lock protection of data in worksheets and their designated cells or regions

"Database" teaches candidates to perform database operations skillfully. Master the database system, be able to establish, maintain and manage the database, have simple database programming skills, input and calculate data, calculate, store, modify, retrieve and generate and print out database files in two ways of command and programming.

"Foxpro 2.5" training exam content:

1. The basic concepts and operations of the database

2. Maintenance and management of the database

3. Create a database file

4. Constants, variables, functions and expressions

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