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17 sentences to complete the postgraduate English composition

17 sentences to complete the postgraduate English composition

17 sentences to complete the postgraduate English composition

The so-called omnipotent concept is useless if everyone uses it this way. PartB partly exists, but partA does not. PartB can basically complete this article as a template. The universal template, if you think so, everyone tells me that as long as a topic can be transformed into a social phenomenon, it is best to prepare two or three sets of large universal models.

A few questions about the universal mode:

First, the sentences we choose are flexible and carefully selected

Second, the sentence patterns are all five-star, and there are designs in the beginning and short sentences, and pay attention to the richness of the grammar.Each sentence has a different grammar.

3. The sentence we choose is different from any information on the market

4. Many students say whether the same writing is the same, it is unlikely, because it is difficult to assign a framework to criticize the harmfulness of the test room.

1. Write a total of seventeen sentences.

The first four sentences, the first one describes the picture macro, and talk about the picture looks ridiculous but thought-provoking. The second sentence writes the strongest visual effect of the picture, the third sentence is the topic sentence, talk about using twenty words The explosive sentence pattern of this phenomenon is destructive to the development and progress of individuals, and triggers thinking. The fourth sentence is to criticize this phenomenon with derogatory words, which is a strong accusation.

(1) As is vividly depicted in the picture,, which seems to be humorous and ridiculous but thought-provoking on second thoughts. (2) The most striking feature that impresses me deeply is that unbelievably,, (3) Recent few years has witnessed a phenomenon of subject which seems to be disastrous to individual survival and prosperity. (4) This phenomenon of subject should be condemned severely or made illegal. (5) There is no doubt that its symbolic meaning subtly conveyed should be given deep consideration.

The middle paragraph demonstrates the harm of the problem from two aspects, and demonstrates by example, predicting the trend of harm

Seven sentences in the second paragraph. First of all, in the first sentence, there are two to three points of harm or reasons for this phenomenon from a macro perspective. The five-star sentence usually talks about the harm to the physical and mental health of the individual, and the third sentence talks about the second danger, usually using a luxurious comparative sentence to refresh the teacher. Usually, it is about the phenomenon. The harm of society. The fourth sentence talks of the harm to home or school. The fifth sentence talks of a good sentence of fifteen words instead of "for example", which means that there is no better example to prove it as follows. Six sentences are the emergence of example groups. According to a survey, more than 80% of people who have experienced this negative phenomenon will definitely be harmful to the spirit and life of the individual. The last sentence is to predict the trend Five-word diamond sentences, talking about the following forecast trends, show that if this phenomenon continues, it will lead to bad results, even devastating consequences.

(1) To account for the above-mentioned phenomenon, several serious effects have been put forward. (2) To begin with, subject not only results does harm to our physical and mental health but also results in a frustrating and humiliating life. ( 3) In addition, nothing is more harmful than the subject to contradict with a harmonious society. (4) Last but not the least, no issue is as harmful as the subject to increase family burdens, which is a threatening situation we are unwilling to see. (5) No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the example mentioned below. (6) According to a survey made by China Daily, 63.93% of young people who have ever experienced themes will live a dull life or even feel loss of hope about the future. (7) If we cannot take useful means, we may not control this trend, and some bad results may come out unexpectedly, we will see the gloomy future of something.

The last paragraph emphasizes problem-solving, and the two suggestions discussed are usually to raise people's awareness and strengthen law enforcement.

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