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Identification and brand introduction of solar film

Identification and brand introduction of solar film

On hot summer days, car film is a good tool to block ultraviolet and visible light. What we usually say about sunlight consists of 3% UV, 44% visible, and 53% infrared. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the human body, and at the same time, the interior of the car, including leather chairs and interiors, is discolored. Infrared is a factor of heat radiation, which makes the temperature of the cabin rise, the plastic material emulsifies, making people feel uncomfortable, and the air-conditioning load also increases. Studies have shown that when the temperature inside the car increases from 21 to 27 degrees Celsius, the chance of a driver making a mistake at high temperatures increases by 50%, and the reflection time slows by 22%.

There are many types of automotive solar films on the market today. The quality of the solar film varies, and the bad is the best way to get rich from bad businesses. How to distinguish authenticity and quality?

The solar film is divided into "dyed film", "metal reflective film", "endothermic film" and "smart spectrum selection film". Let's make a comparison from the following points to see the difference:

1. Color: The ordinary color film melts the color directly in the adhesive film. After tearing off the upper layer of plastic paper, the adhesive surface is strongly scraped, and the color will fall off. This film needs to be replaced in one or two years.

2, see-through: ordinary color film is used ordinary dyeing process, relying on color insulation, so the color is deep, there is always a foggy feeling when looking out from the car.

3, feel and wear resistance: good quality solar film feel thick and smooth, good explosion-proof film surface after hardening treatment, long-term use will not scratch the surface. The ordinary color film feels thin and brittle. After shaking the glass, it will leave scratches on the film.

4. Insulation and UV-blocking effect: Good solar film insulation rate should reach about 80%, which is 4 to 5 times that of ordinary color film. UV-blocking effect can reach 99%. The skin was burned by the sun. The ordinary color film has a low heat insulation rate, and it will feel very stuffy when sitting in the car. At the same time, it has a poor UV blocking effect, and it can't protect the goods and passengers in the car.

Here are some well-known brands in the market (5 types):

1. Global window film has the most advanced production technology. Its production process passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2000. Atmospheric window film The reflection in the car film is very low, which can effectively reduce the reflection of objects in the car on the window and avoid the impact of these reflections on the driver's sight. This point is different from other solar films and has the following characteristics: save energy; reduce strong light exposure; enhance comfort; reduce fading; reliable quality and lifetime warranty; beautify appearance and enhance security; protect personal privacy.

2. Vigor brand has a high reputation. Since its inception, Weigu has been based on the high-end market of thermal insulation films and developed a series of products based on market conditions, including the high-end market. Establish a long-term cooperative relationship with European manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Renault, Opel and Citroen.

3. Ray-Ban Pure imported the entire product line. All Ray-Ban products are manufactured by two thermal insulation film factories in the United States and Japan, which ensure the quality and efficiency of the products.

4. Johnson & Johnson's brand awareness and reputation are high. American Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) company, is an advocate of the World Window Film Association

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