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On the Composition Teaching of Junior Middle School

On the Composition Teaching of Junior Middle School

Abstract: Composition is a written language form in which people systematically express knowledge and experience, thoughts and feelings. It is a highly comprehensive and creative language activity. Writing ability is a concentrated expression of students' comprehensive Chinese ability, so composition teaching is both the focus and the difficulty in Chinese teaching. The author believes that composition teaching can be started from the aspects of cultivating interest, accumulating accumulation, strengthening practice, emphasizing incentives, cooperating and exchanging ideas, and making innovations to ensure the steady improvement of students' writing skills.

Keywords: interest accumulation, practice, incentive, cooperation, and new

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The purpose of Chinese teaching is to develop students' ability to listen, speak, read and write. And "writing is an important way of using language to express and communicate. It is a process of knowing the world, self, and creative expression."

Therefore, writing ability is the concentrated embodiment of Chinese comprehensive ability, and it is the most important thing. How to effectively implement composition teaching for junior high school students, and how to guide students to improve their writing skills and write ideal compositions? I briefly talk about my own opinions.

1 Building interest

Einstein said, "Interest is the best teacher." Indeed, one must do one thing well, and it is a prerequisite to be interested in it. "Curriculum Standards" states: "Writing focuses on cultivating students' interest and self-confidence." [1] Students are interested in writing, and it is not difficult to improve his writing level. Where does interest come from? First we can use writing to guide writing. For example, telling Liu Ye's story of entering the Grand View Garden aroused students' interest in reading The Dream of the Red Chamber

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