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Function monotonicity and maxima

Science is endless. It is an eternal mystery.
Function monotonicity and maximum value
Understanding the relationship between the monotonicity and the value of a function will find the monotonic interval and the value of some common types of functions

Second, the learning process:
[Basic training]
1.The monotonic interval of the function is ____________________________.
2.The monotonic interval of the function is ____________________________.
3. The monotonically increasing interval of the function is _____________; the monotonically decreasing interval is _____________.
4.The function is in [-2
3] The maximum value is _________; the minimum value is ________.
5.If the above is an increasing function, the range of real numbers is _______________.
[Legend enlightenment]
Example 1, if the trial comparison is met,
the size of.

Example 2: If the interval is monotonically increased, the range of the real number is ________.

Example 3: Draw a picture of a function and find its monotonic interval.

Example 4. Known functions

If it is true, the value range is:
If the constant is true, the value range is

1.If the function is a monotonically increasing function on R, it will have any real number
(A) (B)
(C) (D)
2. Must be satisfied if any real number is satisfied
(A) (B)
(C) (D)
3, if the monotonic decrease on the monotone increase on the monotone


4.If the value increases monotonically, the real value range is _______________.

5.At the time, the function had the most _______ value which was __________

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