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Comprehensive Review Questions in Literary Writing

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Literary Writing Review Questions (Chinese 2012 Review Questions)

Chapter One Introduction

1. What are the goals and requirements of the literature writing class?

2. What qualities should a literary writer have?

3. Zhang Liang wanted to try to write some literary works, but he couldn't do anything with his pen, so he taught Chinese scholars. Please combine with your writing practice, write a reply to Zhang Liang, and tell him concisely the basic ways to improve literary writing.

4. What Li Chun fears most from elementary school to college is writing, because she always feels she has nothing to write. Start with observation, feeling, imagination, and cognitive ability, and analyze the reasons.

Chapter II Prose

1. From ancient times to the present, how many stages has the concept of prose evolved? What are the characteristics of the concepts at each stage?

2. What are the characteristics of prose?

3. Talk about the opportunities for prose materials.

4. How to improve the proposition level of prose? How to create the mood of prose?

5. How is the theme of the prose expressed?

6. The truth about prose has always been controversial. Some people demand that it can be fictional like a novel, and some of it is fictional.

Think about pursuing the authenticity of the original ecology, please talk about your own views. (1 How to understand the truth-based and falsehood of prose?)

7. Lu Yun's prose skills are good, but he always feels nothing to write. Please give him some suggestions from the perspective of two-level collision theory. 14

8. Zhang Ke's prose is large in quantity and high in quality, and the subject matter is wide, but it has not been concerned by the literary world. Please give him the pulse and give him some suggestions. twenty two

9. Teachers often say that the level of Xiao Hong's prose is not high. Please give pointers. 25

10. She has good knowledge and aura, but she doesn't know how to express her understanding and understanding of life through prose. 38

11. The students who have read Xiaoyun's prose say that her prose is cluttered and confused, so please start with the structure and clues.

Angle. 41

12. Xiao Liu's prose is gorgeous but lacks the charm of charm. It is very distressing for this, please diagnose the cause for him

And prescribe a prescription. 49

13. Everyone came to the world naked, but the fate of life is very different, and they are on the same start.

People on the line, where are they outdated and diverted, so as to interpret the life direction of the gap. Is it from innate destiny? Or rely on the hard work of the day after tomorrow? Is God Destiny? Or does character determine fate? Or choose to decide destiny? Or does opportunity create destiny? What is the relationship between these items? Please write an argumentative essay on "Destiny".

14. Mrs. Shachel was born on the 13th taboo in the West. People around her are not optimistic about her fate. Only his

His father did not believe in evil, he was determined to train her to be an outstanding person. From an early age, he cultivated her aggressive and unflinching personality. He demanded that she always be in the first place and always sit in the first row. Sitting in the first row, and so on, made Mrs. Shacher's glorious life. Write an essay for this reason. The title is self-made.

15. A Greek man fished at a fish-like seashore, and when he caught two, he rode home. Foreign tourists asked: "For

Why not fish a few more? "

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