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Infringement complaint

Nanning housing provident fund

Nanning Housing Provident Fund Management Center District Direct Sub-center

Acceptance date of housing fund withdrawal approval form: Completed by the applicant and the unit

company name

Unit Code


identification number

Personal housing

Provident Fund Account

Application Amount □ Purchase of Unit-funded Housing □ Purchase of Market-run Housing

□ Reasons for buying a flat

□ Purchasing commercial housing and affordable housing

□ Self-built housing

□ Renovation and overhaul of own-occupied housing □ Repayment in advance □ Portfolio loans

□ Purchasing dilapidated retrofit houses

□ Buy Second-hand House

□ Repayment of housing provident fund loan

□ Get Dibao

□ Family member suffers from a serious illness □ Death or disappearance □ Other

□ Departure and Settlement □ Relocate from Guangxi

□ Resignation, termination of employment contract, delisting

□ Retired

Nanning housing provident fund

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